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Question 03/22/2016

What does it mean when a car is marked premium?

Answer 03/25/2016

Premium vehicles are sold only by those sellers who have achieved Premium status at Repokar.com

Question 03/03/2016

I inserted an amount in the bid now column, but a message comes back that says you have not inserted a bid price. What's the next move?

Answer 03/09/2016

It seems that at the time you performed this, your account was not yet verified. We reviewed your account and it is completely verified and active currently, therefore, from now on, this issue should not happen.

Question 02/05/2016

I seem to be unable to get an answer from you finance company I have applied twice to no avail,I would like to acquire a vehicle through your service but but I cant get any traction.

Answer 02/08/2016

Usually, applicants are contacted within two weeks after filing a Financing application. All Financing Applications are, at the moment, handled by a Third Party financial institution. Repokar.com is not involved directly in the Financing Process.

Question 01/19/2016

Can someone from other continent of the world make a bid. How does he pay and get the car delivered to him. The instance here is a person in Africa, Nigeria

Answer 01/21/2016

All Auctions are conducted only within the USA. At present we do not conduct auctions which would sell an automobile outside of the USA.

Question 12/18/2015

Can you explain to me the point of a reserve price? If they aren't going to settle for less than that amount then shouldn't they just make that the starting bid?

Answer 12/24/2015

The Idea of a RESERVE PRICE is a standard practice in all Auctions. The main reason for it is that by setting a lower initial bid, the consecutive bids will eventually reach the Seller’s desired price (the Reserve Price) or even surpass it. However, we have set up a tool for the Seller by which if the Reserve Price is not met, the Seller may contact the highest bidder and close the transaction at the highest bid reached. This still remains the Seller’s prerogative.

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