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Question 10/28/2016

how much is the inspection fees

Answer 10/30/2016

Hello, thank you for contacting us. The post-sale inspection costs $250.

Question 08/05/2016

Post sale inspections - do these inspections need to be done " on site" or would I be able to drive the purchased car to my personal mechanic?

Answer 08/07/2016

Hello, you can take your vehicle to any auto center you want, we don't push any limits to our costumers.

Question 06/12/2016

Hi I recently place a bid for a car I'm sure I choose post sell inspection but I get an email saying rejected it How do I add that now Do I have to cancel the bid and bid again?

Answer 06/16/2016

Hello, you don't have to cancel your bid. Follow my instruction please:There's a window that will open up if you click here again http://prntscr.com/bhepv8, now you choose to change the status: http://prntscr.com/bhepil, that's all. Good luck!

Question 05/09/2016

Is it possible to offer Financing for a vehicle when the seller is a private party?

Answer 05/11/2016

At present, the Finance Option is not available for private parties auctioning their vehicles.

Question 04/18/2016

How can I retract my bid?

Answer 04/19/2016

Bids can not be automatically retracted. If there is the need for a bid to be retracted, it has to be done within the same day when it was originally posted. The Buyer needs to contact the administration via e-mail (preferably) or call and request for the bid to be nullified. This request must be accompanied by a solvent reason as to why the bid needs to be retracted. The Administration team will then, review the request and proceed on whether to retract said bid, based on the reason given.

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