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How to bid

Whether you are looking for a cheap or luxury used car, classic car or a work truck, or simply a bargain for your teenager daughter or son; you need to follow these instructions when you are about to bid on RepoKar Auctions:

Know Your Item

Research what make and model will be more suitable for your needs, if there is no specific used car make you are looking for, you need to at least determine the specifics of the car you would buy or not buy. Example of one will be MPG or car type such as SUV, Sedan or Truck.

When you have determined the make and model and the specifications, search the inventory based on these specifications.

RepoKar has implemented 3 important tools for you to use when researching the car you are about to bid on.

Know Your Item

KBB, is a tool, which will allow you to research the market car price for the make and model in subject. This will give you an idea if the bid you are placing is close to the real price for this car.

CR, is a tool that obligates the seller to disclose the condition of the car. Please carefully read the Condition report section from the car listing page.

AutoCheck Car history report will offer you a vehicle history reporting service and an indispensable part of the used car shopping process. AutoCheck reports include the industry's first and only vehicle history score, empowering consumers with the confidence and information they need to more easily and quickly understand what a vehicle history report really says about a specific used vehicle's history.

Know Your Seller

Carefully research the feedbacks the seller has with RepoKar, read people's reviews about this business and review the completed car purchases, if the seller has no ratings and reviews don't get skeptical, because he might have just started auctioning the inventory with RepoKar. In this case simply just copy and paste the company name of the seller in Google and research a bit about the company. From our side Repokar verifies the identity of all car sellers registered to sell cars with us. You should also know that only licensed businesses in USA can become RepoKar sellers.

Consider Buying Formats

RepoKar has just 2 buying formats

Auctions with reserve price

The seller has a secret minimum bid and this car will not sell unless that minimum is met.

Auctions without reserve price

The seller doesn't have a minimum price and will sell the car to the highest bidder.

What is an AS IS Auction?


The Seller, who doesn't have the option of Post Sale for his car will mark his car AS IS. This means that you will buy the car in its present condition with all drawbacks, which may exist, without any warranty and if you later will find out any types of issues with this car you will not be able to dispute this transaction.

What is a Guaranteed Auction?


The Seller allows the Post Sale Inspection and guarantees that the car is in the condition he disclosed in the Condition Report. You can verify the condition of this vehicle by ordering a Post Sale inspection after the purchase.

Buy now

"Buy Now" can be with and without "Make Offer" option. The "Buy Now" with "Make Offer" option gives you an opportunity to offer your own price for the car. The Seller can decline or accept your offer.

What is a Post Sale Inspection?
What is a Post Sale Inspection?

A Post-Sale Inspection, if available, will allow you to order a full Vehicle Inspection after the purchase is done. You will have to pay a nominal fee for this Inspection but you will ensure that the purchase is in a good condition. If the Inspection results will show damages not disclosed by the seller in the Condition report and their repair cost exceeds the amount of $250.00 you will have the right to cancel the transaction and not pay the Post Sale Inspection Fee.

What is a Pre Sale Inspection?
What is a Pre Sale Inspection?

A Pre Sale Inspection, if available, will allow you to see the car before bidding on it. The Seller, who has this option for potential buyers will usually add instructions on the time and place where the Pre Sale inspection will take place.

Bidding Terms
What is the Current Bid?

It is the Current higher price someone offered on the car so far.

current bid
What is a Maximum Bid?

Repokar does most of the work for you! When you place a bid, enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the car and Repokar will bid incrementally on your behalf, based on pre-set bid increments, but ONLY up to your maximum bid.

What is a Maximum Bid
What is the Reserve Price?

If the auction time comes to an end and the minimum price has not been met the seller can keep the car or start the next auction.

What is Time Remaining?

It is the time left for bidding before the auction ends. If you are a higher bidder at the time the time remaining elapses and the reserve price is met you will automatically become the buyer of the car

What is Time Remaining
What means "Outbid"?

It means that someone has placed a bid that is higher than yours. But don't despair! You still have a chance to get the car you want if you will manage to place the highest bid in the remaining auction time. Good luck!

What means "High Bidder but reserved price has not been met"?

It means that right now you have the highest bid but the seller has a certain amount of money set. For example let's say he is selling a truck and you bid $5,000 but his reserve is no lower than $7,000. Until the price hits that amount he wants, it will continue saying Reserve Not Met. In case the auction time is out but nobody has offered the seller the reserve price he has set he will most likely not sell the car to anybody. He might set it for another auction or remove it.

High Bidder but reserved price has not been met
What means, "You are the High Bidder"

It means that you outbid the prior bidder and now your bid is winning, and if the time of the auction ends and you are still the high bidder you will be the winner of the auction.

If your bid wins, you must buy the item. Your bid on an auction is a legally binding contract. If, when time runs out, your bid is the highest, you have purchased the car and must pay the seller for it.

What means, You are the High Bidder
What is Buy Now?

If Buy Now is available, simply click on the Buy Now Button and you will immediately become the buyer of the car. No bidding or waiting are necessary. In some cases, a seller may require an immediate payment with PayPal. In this case, it is important to complete your purchase right away, as the item will remain available for purchase until your payment transaction has been confirmed.

What is Buy Now?
What is Make Offer?

If Make Offer is available, this means that the seller is open to accept offers from a potential buyer. Click the "Make Offer" button; enter the price you'd like to pay. You can enter any amount, but try to choose a price that has a good chance to be accepted by the seller and beat out offers from other potential buyers. You can also add a custom message to the seller, explaining why you'd like to get the item at this price.

What is Make Offer?