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  • Reach over 1,5 million potential buyers who are searching buying cars from auto auction every day in USA
  • Sell your cars fast and easy! Consignment process is easy and fast. Consign your cars now and let your bids grow. A vehicle sells every minute!
  • Each Repokar.com user is verified to protect you from fraud
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  • 1000s of other network auction websites partner with us and your auction will be published with them automatically
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Ever wonder how you can sell a car faster? To help you with your car advertisement,
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How to sell

Repokar registration is easy and free. Fill out a form and you are registered!

Go ahead and post the detailed description of your car to start the auction

It takes an average of 5 days to determine the highest bidder on the auction listing

You have succeeded! The car is sold! Now you can get paid!

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Take advantage of our service - save big and sell more! Everyone has the opportunity to sell their inventory fast and safe with the Repokar car auction.

Learn more about seller types
1 Do it

Independent sellers can consign their cars online and sell them without hassle.

2 Let specialists
do it

Save your time and efforts – just give us the necessary information and we will do the work for you.

1 Retail
(you do it)

Dealers can upload their cars and complete the sale on their own.

2 Wholesale
(we do it)

Repokar helps the businesses to perform the car trade exempting them from paperwork.

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Tools Center
+20% sales Vehicle history reports learn more
+15% sales Vehicle inspections learn more
+30% sales Transportation assistance learn more
+65% in total

Our Social Media sharing tool makes it easy to expertly advertise your car on high-traffic

Socialize your car

You are 1 click away from sharing your cars for sale on social media sites. This will attract many people who want to buy cars.

Do you have questions ?
Check our FAQ
How do I set up a PayPal Account?

Login to your account. Click on "My activities" located on the top left corner of the webpage. From there select the option "My PayPal". Insert your Paypal...

Do all vehicles sold here have a clean title?

On the car detail page, you can find the “Title type” in the "Specifications" section located under the “Condition Report”. We obligate the seller to disclose...

Are there any fees to pay after I win the bidding?

There are no Buyer fees. The Buyer pays only the price he won the car for, unless the buyer wants the seller to take care of the tax and registration on his behalf...

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Tips for Sellers
Keep your personal information to yourself

We advise you to keep your personal information confidential (your Repokar login, password, and any private details) and not to share it with anyone to avoid fraud and scheming.


For your own protection, you should make sure that your car insurance is available. Ask for a copy of the insurance from the buyer when allowing him or her to test-drive the car.

Avoid offers outside Repokar

After listing your car, you may receive many e-mails, text messages, and calls from interested buyers. If you consider to sell your auto outside Repokar's site, we will not take any responsibility for the consequences of your independent trade.

Secure your transactions

The main essence of selling your car is to get the money, so make sure that you don't become the victim of a fraud. Repokar advises you to give clear payment instructions and choose what forms of payment you will accept.

Schedule a test drive in a safe place

For your safety you can meet with the potential buyers at Repokar's business location in Los Angeles (see our address on contact us page)

1,5 million people are searching for to buy cars
from auto auction every day in America