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Shipping Method


How to manage the car transportation?

Once you have picked the vehicle you will be bidding on, and that vehicle is located out of state, you realize you will need to have it shipped to your location. Because this is a normal occurrence, RepoKar.com has thought about it and we have some pointers to help you make it all a straight-forward situation.

First of all, on the majority of cases, the buyer pays for the shipping of the vehicle he/she has won on the auction, unless clearly stated otherwise by the seller and agreed upon before-hand.

Consider our Partners

Next, one of our partners, UShip will allow you to pick the best shipping option. Furthermore, by working with UShip, you will receive a 10% discount on the cost of shipping.

Additionally, just as a clarification, when it is stated that the Seller arranges for transportation, it means the Seller will set up the transportation logistics; however, the costs shall still be covered by the Buyer.

Calculate your transportation right here: http://www.uship.com/commodity_selection.aspx