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Why do I receive emails from Repokar?

Repokar is an online public auto auction and it is a good start to find your vehicle because we are also auctioning cars which are prior car-rental cars, off-lease used cars, repossessed used cars, government used cars, fleet lease cars, repo cars, bank cars. To ensure you buy a quality used car, we offer Post-sale inspection and Pre Sale inspection for a nominal fee.

This email was sent to you by your friend, maybe he/she wants to share with you his findings and Repokar gives you possibility to share the auctions with your friends.

Another reason you may have received this email is because you already have an account with Repokar.com and you have done one of the following:


  • Placed a Bid or an Offer

  • Changed your Profile information

  • Contacted a seller

  • Contacted Repokar.com Customer Support


If you believe the email you received was sent in error, please contact Repokar.com friendly customer support and we will be happy to help you: contact us