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Vehicle History Report


A Vehicle History Report in the US is an official document that provides important information about the past of a used car. 

It contains the title records of the automobile made by the Department of Motor Vehicles from each state, indicating the accident and insurance records.

The History Report is useful for customers buying a used car and willing to find out its real value and safety features. This report also informs about how many owners were in possession of the car through time, in addition to other technical details which are decoded from the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), such as year, make, model, and odometer history. The simplest way of getting a Vehicle history report is to check the car's VIN code on Autocheck.com or Carfax.com.

A potential buyer is always looking for a good deal with no hidden facts in a car's history, such as severe accidents, odometer rolled back or technical defects. Repokar car sellers prefer to display their cars' history reports in order to increase customers' trust and to make the deals more transparent. In case the seller does not have the car history report yet, we recommend to order a copy from our partner AutoCheck for only $9.00. 

AutoCheck is Experian's leading vehicle-history-reporting-service and an indispensable part of the used-car shopping process. AutoCheck reports include the industry's first and only vehicle history score, empowering consumers with the confidence and information they need to more easily and quickly understand what a vehicle history report really says about a specific used vehicle's history. 

The consumers can also check online the validity and date of these reports, being that time-sensitive information is of the essence, and old reports may not contain the latest history. Dealers also run reports prior to purchasing vehicles at auction or from trade-ins to help insure they pay a fair market value. Vehicle prices may be adjusted due to history events on any particular vehicle. For ‘Salvaged cars’ there is an abbreviated version of a Vehicle History and Title Report, that summarizes the severest damages associated with the vehicle.

To create a complete Vehicle History and Title Report information, multiple sources, including State Departments of Motor Vehicles, automotive auctions, fire and police departments, salvage auctions, rental agencies, automotive recyclers, insurance companies, state inspection stations, manufacturers, and car dealerships collaborate.

Gain customers’ confidence and contribute to a qualitative growth of your car selling experience/enterprise, by taking a professional approach to details!  

Offer a Vehicle History Report.