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With Repokar.com You can choose among several methods to complere the transportation of your purchased vehicle:

- Decide whether you can come and get the car yourself or send a friend to pick it up directly from the seller's location;


- The seller can drop the car at our location in Los Angeles and we can arrange its delivery to you or you can pick the car up;


- You can take advantage of Uship Shipping Services, our business partner.

Uship provides buyers with a Shipping Calculator that estimates the shipping cost based on the distance from the actual vehicle location to your address. Uship also connects multiple insured and bonded shippers which can compete among them to complete the transportation of your vehicle for you.




AutoCheck® is an indispensable part of the used car shopping process. AutoCheck reports the industry’s first and only vehicle history score, empowering consumers with the confidence and information they need to understand what a vehicle history report really says about a specific used vehicle’s history.


An AutoCheck Vehicle History Report is essential when shopping for a used vehicle.

Check whether an accident has been reported on the vehicle.

Confirm the miles are accurate with AutoCheck's OdometerCheck.

Make sure the title is clean of any reported problems.

If you want to learn more click this link : http://www.autocheck.com/vehiclehistory/?siteID=0

When buying a car history report from Autocheck directly via Repokar.com you get a discounted cost due to our partnership withAutocheck




We partner with KBB, which is a company that provides the fair Market Value for each car.

The company reports market value prices for new and used automobiles of all types, as well as motorcycles. For new automobiles, KBB provides information about a car’s MSRP, dealer invoice price, and a vehicle's New Car Blue Book Value; learn actual prices on a car your desire. For used cars KBB provides factory certification, retail value, trade-in value, and private party value.


Using KBB, you can answer for yourself different questions as:

- What should I pay for a new car?

- What's my current car worth?

- What should I pay for a used car?





The National Auctioneers Association (NAA) is a proud partner of Repokar Public Auto Auction

Being the world's largest advanced association dedicated to professional auctioneers, the NAA represents the individual auctioneers and a range of auction experts servicing a variety of industries. With the help of this association Repokar provides our sellers with resources to help them advance themselves as experienced traders and to have access to a large network from across the world. As a result they will be professional auctioneers in demand at marketplace and always stay ahead of other competitors.

Just join Online Public Auto Auction Repokar and become a leader in selling cars!



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