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Buyer and seller financing disclosure

This Disclosure Statement is designed to assist the Seller and Buyer in terms of purchasing and financing vehicles on RepoKar.com. RepoKar.com acts as facilitator between Seller and Buyer, and is not liable to Sellers, Buyers, and other financial institutions. RepoKar.com will only be responsible for transmitting the buyer’s financing application form to the seller. We assume to send the confirmation to the buyer when financing form is transmitted.

If Buyer bids and wins, but financing is declined, Buyer must complete the purchase. On the other hand, if a Buyer bids and wins and financing is approved, but there is a second buyer, the second buyer will have to watch and wait if the transaction between the seller and first buyer comes through.

A unique situation occurs when the highest bidder does not reach the seller’s reserved price, the seller can communicate with the highest bidder and make an offer.

Regardless of outcome of transaction, Buyer and Seller must abide to RepoKar.com’s Terms and Conditions.