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Question 10/27/2018

Cancel subscription

Answer 04/03/2019

To unsubscribe from future emails please reply back with the Subject Unsubscribe.

Question 01/11/2019

Do I need a dealer license to purchase a vehicle?

Answer 01/15/2019

Hello, no you don't need it.

Question 11/14/2018

Why am I having such a hard time placing a bid on cars?

Answer 01/08/2019

Please provide us with more details what is the issue of placing bids? What exactly do you mean as hard to place bids? We are here to help you. Thank you

Question 10/10/2018

How can i search for motorcycles on your site?

Answer 01/08/2019

For now, we do not allow sellers to post motorcycles for auction. We auction only used cars.

Question 08/24/2018

i have verified with PAYPAL i can see the charge on my bank statement and my PAYPAL account but this account is not veriried. Can you help?

Answer 09/06/2018

Hello Claudia, We have verified your account manually. It was no reaction during your Paypal verification. Enjoy buying cars from Repokar