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Question 12/12/2016

How will I know who wants to buy my car?

Answer 12/12/2016

By registering with Repokar, you get a personal account where you can communicate with buyers, whose profiles you will be able to see and verify. Use our helpful tools to communicate with your buyers and efficiently finalize the sale transactions.

Question 12/12/2016

How fast can I sell my used cars?

Answer 12/12/2016

If you want to sell your car fast and hassle free, RepoKar is the right place for you. Selling your car at auction has never been so easy! Simply post your car for free and select the best bid. Repokar marketers will take care of its promotion to get your car more buyers.

Question 12/12/2016

When I sell my cars through RepoKar, how do I get cash for cars instantly?

Answer 12/12/2016

After your car is sold, you can contact the winner to make the deal on the spot. For a more secured transaction, RepoKar can finalize the sale on your behalf. You can bring your cars to our lot, we will list them, and complete the transaction when your car is sold. You will receive the cash at our location or through Paypal.

Question 11/18/2016

If disclosing the condition of the car is in your policy/contract why shouldn't the seller be responsible for not disclosing any mechanical issues or defects to be able to initiate a cancellation there after at that point it will show AS-IS with for example a transmission problem/ The buyer at that point will initiate a post-sale inspection to get an idea for the cost to repair the transmission

Answer 11/20/2016

As indicated in RepoKar's Terms and Conditions the seller is required to include only the information that reflects the reality, for misleading the rules our platform will ban the seller and will require him to take responsibility for buyer's costs.

Question 10/29/2016

how much is the inspection fees

Answer 10/30/2016

Hello, thank you for contacting us. The post-sale inspection costs $250.

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