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Post-Sale Inspection



  • Applies only to Guaranteed vehicles sold with no announcements.
  • If an announcement was made in the Vehicle Condition Report, the PSI/Arbitration exclude that condition.
  • AS-IS vehicles are not subject to post sale inspections.
  •  Post Sale Inspection Fee is $125.00 and non-refundable.
  • This is an option to help you buy with more confidence, this is a non-transferrable warranty.
  • Valid for 5 calendar days
  • If a potential issue is discovered during the inspection process, the vehicle will be entered into arbitration for further evaluation by our trained arbitration specialists.
  •  If a warrantable issue arises, the seller and/or CMAA/SMAA reserve the right to repair the vehicle, reject sale, or issue a price adjustment or repurchase the vehicle upon verification of the defect.


The post sale inspector will check for defects that are singularly $500 or more to repair or replace at wholesale pricing.


  • Odometer Verification
  • Engine and/or Transmission Function & Operation
  • 4x4 Engagement
  • Frame or body Checked for Damage
  • Items not covered under the PSI Policy include but are not limited to: paintwork, exhaust, slight physical damages like scratches, dings and chips; accessories and warning lights.


The buyer is responsible for the PSI fee ($125.00) even if the vehicle fails inspection.

Dealers shall indemnify and hold harmless RepoKar, its directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all claims, demands, actions or causes or auction, cost, liabilities, losses or charges, including reasonable attorney's fees, asserted against RepoKar arising from the Post Sale Inspection Services provided.


If the unit was not properly represented, file a complaint with auction management within two hours. In matters of auction policy the decision by auction management shall be final. The accuracy of the year and mileage that appears on title paperwork, and auction paperwork is the responsibility of the seller. Window markings are to be used as a guide only and it is the responsibility of the buyer to check accuracy. It is the buyer's responsibility when arbitrating a vehicle that it be in no worse condition than at time of sale. Auction will not become involved with expenses incurred after time of sale.

Any seller who materially misrepresents a vehicle, which is turned down, will be responsible for all fees.



  • Units sold under $1500 (even if Guaranteed).
  • Any accepted price adjustment automatically makes the transaction an "as-is" transaction.
  • All exhaust defects
  • Any arbitratable item not noted with in 2 hours of sale.
  • Warning lamps: Check Engine, ABS, Airbag, SRS, Brakes, etc.
  • Plows, sanders, generators, add-ons, etc.
  • Units needing minor adjustments and tune-ups.
  • Leaky gaskets or seals, springs, shocks and struts.
  • Glass, missing spare tires, wheels, or jacks.
  •  Repaired, refinished, or straightened sheet metal.
  • Diesel engines.
  • All frame or body issues after 5 calendar days.
  •  Frame or body rot if the repair is less than $500 wholesale rate, SMAA discretion.
  • Dodge drive line noise inherent to vehicle.
  • Subaru engine noise inherent to vehicle.
  • GM 3.1 engine noise inherent to vehicle.