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Condition Report


Advantages for buyers:

Search for cars with a Condition Report (CR). The CR describes the state of the vehicle in details and helps the buyer make a better choice. The Condition Report may help you get all the information you need to stay informed about the true car's condition and help buy without hesitation.

There are two types of CR’s:

- Performed by professional car experts;

- Given by the seller himself;

In case the seller provides the full information of his car, he is obligated to disclose the true condition. If the buyer will detect the damages with repair cost exceeding $250.00 per unit or $500.00 cumulatively he has a right to cancel the transaction.

The main goal of Repokar Public Auto Auction is to build your trust and confidence in your car purchase.


Advantages for sellers:

Please disclose everything you know about the car, because the buyer may be able to dispute the transaction after the sale in case he finds damages, which exceed the repair cost in amount of $250.00 or $500.00 cumulatively. See Terms and Conditions

Increase Online Sales with Condition Reports!
Potential buyers find your online listings, but don't stay to learn more? Are your buyers getting all the information they need to buy your car without hesitation? You can make your listings more attractive to the customers by adding the condition report, describing the state of the vehicle.

Consider the benefits: it is more efficient to have your vehicles advertised, supplied with the detailed information about its condition – just think that they score in selling three times more that without it. 
Thorough condition information builds buyer confidence, which raises sales prices and percentages.

  • Build buyer confidence and increase sales rates!

  • Get buyers to look at your listings first!

  • Communicate reconditioning recommendations more effectively!

  • Cut down on transaction cancellations!