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Millions of people visit Repokar every month to find great local businesses, track new customers and user views. Join the millions of businesses who have already added their business to Repokar Public Car Auction.


How do I claim a business page?

Claim your business

Unlock your free account and drive more customers to your business.

Though it's 100% free it increases your sales by thousands!

Note that your account is secure and can only be activated from your email address.


Complete your profile

Providing complete information about your business helps you increase the trust in your business and attract more clients.

You can change your email address, add a logo of your business, your hours of operation, services your company offers and other important information to your Repokar account.

When claiming your profile make sure to take precautions and change the default password to a secure one so no one can hack your account.


Verify your car listings

Repokar took the liberty to create a few listings of your cars for you to see how they will look on our Public Auto Auction Website. Also you can monitor the activity of your cars for sale on repokar.com site and see how many views you can get in a week or month. Repokar is a platform where we give you the possibility to create you own car auction. Where you manage the process, set the price, receive offers and negotiate with different customers on your deals.

You can edit your car description, images and price at anytime!

We wish our partnership will be long and productive.

If you have any troubles claiming your business profile you, please contact our Support team.