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Payment methods

Secure your transactions

The main essence of selling your car is to get the money, so make sure that you don't become the victim of a fraud. Repokar advises you to give clear payment instructions and choose what forms of payment you will accept with more confidence.

  • Dealing in cash is one of the payment form, but sometimes the value of the transaction is too high. A cashier’s check is another way to get the payment, but it is also possible to become a subject to a fraud scheme, call the issuing bank to verify funds, or consider meeting at the buyer's bank where you can witness the check being certified.

If you accept a personal check, you need to make an arrangement with the buyer to complete the sale after the check has cleared, which may not be acceptable for them, as they want to protect their own interests.

  • Repokar strongly advises to use Paypal for safety transactions. You will be able to check your transactions online anytime and make a decision of whether to sign the papers of ownership or not.

  • Repokar can also collect and complete the transaction on your behalf, please call us and inquire about this option.

  • For your comfort and security, you are offered a possibility by Repokar to send the buyer the invoice to secure the paperwork for both of you. This can be done from your profile: go to My Sold Items section, choose the one you need, and press ''Send Invoice'' button. A window will open where you can indicate all the costs: taxes, transportation fees, and all the other fees you might want to set to the buyer.

The buyer will get your invoice and provide the payment according to your instructions. Easy and secure proof.


Choosing Repokar Auto Auction to sell your cars ensures your safe sales and profitable transactions. Take the tips listed above into consideration. They will help to protect you and make the process of selling your car online trouble-free. With these particularities in mind, selling your car through Repokar will be easy, surprise-free, and most importantly safe and secure.


Payment instructions for buyers

All payments are made on a per-case basis depending on what the Seller requests.
When bidding on an automobile make sure you read the requirements stated by the Seller. If the Seller requests for the final payment to be made 3, 5, 7 or 10 days after winning the Auction, then, the Buyer must be ready, willing, and able to make payment in the time and in the manner in which the Seller requests.
Payments may be made (According to the Seller Requirements) via PayPal; Direct Credit Card Payment; Cash; or Bank's Cashier Check.

If you shall have any questions or concerns regarding the requested mode and time-frame requested by the Seller, do not hesitate to call our Customer Support Line so we may help you in answering those concerns.