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Safe Car Selling

Safety and Fraud Warning Tips On

Selling A Car Online


Selling your car online can be a stressful experience, especially if it is an unfamiliar website which can cause stress and anxiety. After all, you’re transferring the ownership of a valuable possession and making a decision of how to accept the payment for it in a most secure way.

Naturally, a fraud is a concern, particularly if you are a first-time online seller. Fraud schemes can be quite complex, but by taking a few precautions you'll most likely make your transaction a smooth and pleasant experience.

Choosing Repokar Auto Auction to sell your cars will ensure safe sales and profitable transactions. Take the following tips into consideration which will help protect you and make the process trouble-free:


1. Keep your personal information to yourself

When advertising your car on www.repokar.com website, we advise you to keep your personal information confidential (your Repokar login, password, and any private details) and not to share it with anyone to avoid fraud and scheming.


2. Check insurance

For your own protection, you should make sure that your car insurance is available. Repokar.com advises your car to be insured when you create an auction to sell it with us. Ask for a copy of the insurance from the buyer when allowing him or her to test-drive the car.


3. Avoid offers to buy your car outside of Repokar.com

After listing your car on Repokar.com, you may receive many e-mails, text messages, and calls from interested buyers. Some of them can offer you to buy your auto outside of Repokar's site and give you the cash in hand. If you consider that possibility, don't forget to be careful and please note that Repokar doesn't take any responsibility for the consequences of your independent trade with the buyer.


4. Schedule a test drive in a safe place

  • We recommend setting up a meeting for a test drive or the inspection of the car at a safe place: you can meet with the potential buyers at Repokar's business location in Los Angeles (see our address in contact us page) or at your business place or in a public place to stay on the safe side.


  • If you agree to meet someone at another location, make sure you’re going to a public place, and never go alone. It is advised by our experts to ask for the buyer’s name and phone number beforehand, and then call back to see if the number is accurate. Ask to see an identification card, when you meet the person, and look at his driver’s license, including the expiration date, if you’re going to let him test-drive your car. Honest buyers shouldn’t have any issues with proving they’re legitimate. Beware of anyone who offers to buy your car unseen.


  • If you are still worried for your safety when arranging the meeting by yourself, Repokar offers you a safe way out: you may drop your car at our location and we will take the responsibility for managing your further details such as inspection, test-drive, payment, paperwork, and car delivery. Please contact us to opt for this option.



5. Secure your transactions

The main essence of selling your car is to get the money, so make sure that you don't become the victim of a fraud. Repokar advises you to give clear payment instructions and choose what forms of payment you will accept with more confidence.

  • Dealing in cash is one of the payment form, but sometimes the value of the transaction is too high. A cashier’s check is another way to get the payment, but it is also possible to become a subject to a fraud scheme, call the issuing bank to verify funds, or consider meeting at the buyer's bank where you can witness the check being certified.

If you accept a personal check, you need to make an arrangement with the buyer to complete the sale after the check has cleared, which may not be acceptable for them, as they want to protect their own interests.

  • Repokar strongly advises to use Paypal for safety transactions. You will be able to check your transactions online anytime and make a decision of whether to sign the papers of ownership or not.

  • Repokar can also collect and complete the transaction on your behalf, please call us and inquire about this option.

  • For your comfort and security, you are offered a possibility by Repokar to send the buyer the invoice to secure the paperwork for both of you. This can be done from your profile: go to My Sold Items section, choose the one you need, and press ''Send Invoice'' button. A window will open where you can indicate all the costs: taxes, transportation fees, and all the other fees you might want to set to the buyer.

The buyer will get your invoice and provide the payment according to your instructions. Easy and secure proof.


Choosing Repokar Auto Auction to sell your cars ensures your safe sales and profitable transactions. Take the tips listed above into consideration. They will help to protect you and make the process of selling your car online trouble-free. With these particularities in mind, selling your car through Repokar will be easy, surprise-free, and most importantly safe and secure.


We wish you many successful deals!

Repokar Team