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Question 11/14/2018

Why am I having such a hard time placing a bid on cars?

Answer 12/31/1969

Question 10/27/2018

Cancel subscription

Answer 12/31/1969

Question 10/10/2018

How can i search for motorcycles on your site?

Answer 12/31/1969

Question 08/24/2018

i have verified with PAYPAL i can see the charge on my bank statement and my PAYPAL account but this account is not veriried. Can you help?

Answer 09/06/2018

Hello Claudia, We have verified your account manually. It was no reaction during your Paypal verification. Enjoy buying cars from Repokar

Question 03/03/2018

How Can I see cars with available Financing? Ive tried filtering and it gives me cars that offer no financing

Answer 03/05/2018

We have just fixed the problem. Please, follow this link to see the list of cars with available financing options: https://repokar.com/cars/kind/financing. There is only one car in that list at the moment.

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