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Summer news from RepoKar

Summer is right around the corner. Many of you are might already have booked your summer getaway. You still have a chance to buy affordable vehicles to complement your adventure. As summer rolls around, many of you might be already thinking of buying...

  • The decline in U.S. auto sales may be less painful
    28 Jun 2017

    The current slowdown in U.S. auto sales may be less severe for the auto industry than it seems. The reason is that most of the decline is in generally less-profitable fleet sales. The forecasting and consulting firms said they expect U.S. auto sales of just under 1.5 million in June 2017, down 2.3 percent from a year ago. That corresponds to a Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate of 16.5 million, down from a SAAR of 16.8 million a year ago. The SAAR is an estimate for the full year of sales, based on the selling rate in a single month.  June would mark the fourth monthly SAAR in a row bel...

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  • Nothing lasts forever: Austin car sales cool down
    28 Jun 2017

    We were already convinced Austin won’t be affected by the US car market getting cooler, since it had such a great 2017 start, but it seems like nothing’s forever. According to sales at Austin dealerships consumers bought only 10,919 new vehicles during this month, comparing to 11,183 cars the same month last year.  The recent slowdown is in contrast to the first two months of the year, which saw booming sales. January car sales were up 10.4 percent and February sales surged 22.4 percent over the same months in 2016. Thanks to that strong start, through the end of May...

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  • U.S. car sales seen down 2 percent in June?
    27 Jun 2017

    Analysts say that U.S. auto sales in June will likely fall 2 percent from a year earlier despite large discounts for consumers, presenting a fresh sign that automakers are heading into a downturn. June U.S. new vehicle sales will be about 1.48 million units, a drop of 2 percent from 1.51 million units a year earlier. The forecast was based on the first 15 selling days of the month. Automakers will release June U.S. sales results on July 3.  The seasonally adjusted annualized rate for the month will be 16.5 million vehicles, down nearly 2 percent from 16.8 million units in the same mo...

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  • U.S. auto market down, but not poisoned!
    27 Jun 2017

    By saying the U.S. auto market goes down specialists literally ignore the fact that a shakeout normally requires a recession and rising unemployment to poison the market’s health, which by the way isn’t visible yet. Saying the consumer lending is currently in crisis is a wrong path, just like the worries that the U.S. car sales are about to dive by between 1 million to 4 million annually over the next 3 years.  The downward spiral can be saved by another government “cash for clunkers” subsidies. A stretched consumer, falling used prices, and technological obso...

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  • Takata Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection
    26 Jun 2017

    Takata Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection in Japan and the U.S., after the world’s biggest automotive recall scandal. The company will be bought by the U.S. supplier Key Safety for $1.59 billion. The sale will not include some operations related to Takata’s business in the ammonium nitrate airbag inflators that were the subject of a global recall linked to defects that resulted in some airbags exploding with too much force and spraying the cabin with metal shards.  Malfunctioning Takata airbag inflators have been linked to at least 16 deaths and 180 injuries worldwide ...

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