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Question 05/27/2014

I am wondering, how much is the delivery fee?

Answer 06/20/2017

There is no set fee for a car delivery. On the car detail page in the "Shipping Method" section it is indicated that either the seller arranges the shipment or the buyer. U-Ship located on the same page in "Transportation" section will help you calculate the shipping cost based on the destination. In case the car is located at Repokar's lot address, Repokar will help arranging the delivery to the buyer's address and the buyer will pay for the cost of the delivery. If it is convenient for the buyer they can pickup the car in person.

Question 08/30/2015

Why is the seller responsible for the inspection fee? I seen something that said buyer will not have to pay seller for post inspection if it fails.

Answer 06/20/2017

The Buyer is responsible for the Post Sale Inspection fee. It is stated in the appropriate section that "The buyer is responsible for the PSI fee ($125.00) even if the vehicle fails inspection..." Please, refer to the link on this item for further details about this issue: https://repokar.com/help/post-sale-inspection

Question 06/03/2017

Can I bid and buy from outside United State

Answer 06/04/2017

Thank you for contacting us. You can place bids on cars and buy them from outside of U.S. but all the cars from RepoKar are here in United States, so it might get a bit harder when it comes to shipping

Question 03/25/2017

i would like to cancel a bid due to the fact that car interior is molded and car top is torn, car may have been submerged in water. please respond. thank you.

Answer 03/26/2017

Hello, the auction on this vehicle has ended and the bid you have placed didn't reach the reserve price which means it wasn't considered. We have checked the car's condition by the report provided by seller and the car has never been submerged by water, what made you think so? Thank you for contacting RepoKar, we hope we can be of a great help to you.

Question 03/22/2017

Hello. How can I cancel a bid? The auction hasn't ended. I hadn't seen that correct amount the car had, only the minimum bid amount. Please advise.

Answer 03/23/2017

Hello, I looked through your bidding history and I found a bid on a 2005 Mercedes-Benz E-CLASS. Can you please confirm that you want to cancel this bid? We will do that right after the confirmation is received. Thank you for choosing RepoKar