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Question 08/30/2017

Why do all the cars show reserve not met? How do we know what the reserve is?

Answer 09/01/2017

The reserve price is the minimal price the seller agrees to sell his car for, this price will not be showed on your account. In order to protect our sellers' rights we agreed to keep the reserve hidden. At the end of the auction if the reserve price is met, you'll get a message that will notify you that you won the car and have to pay for it.

Question 08/04/2017

How do I have my account confirmed?

Answer 08/06/2017

We have sent you a verification message, please check your mail account and follow the instructions. You can also verify your spam folder as well, in case the message is there. Thank you for contacting us, please contact us once again if you have any problems.

Question 08/05/2017

I'm trying to get my account verified, but I never got a verification email, even thought, I clicked to resend email.How can I verify it?

Answer 08/06/2017

Hello, the verification code was sent to you, can you please check once again? Thank you, please contact us if you still didn't get the verification link or code, you can also check your spam folder.

Question 12/12/2016

Do we need to pay a fee when you sell a car?

Answer 07/12/2017

You upload and add cars for FREE. You don't pay RepoKar anything unless your selected package.

Question 05/27/2014

I am wondering, how much is the delivery fee?

Answer 06/20/2017

There is no set fee for a car delivery. On the car detail page in the "Shipping Method" section it is indicated that either the seller arranges the shipment or the buyer. U-Ship located on the same page in "Transportation" section will help you calculate the shipping cost based on the destination. In case the car is located at Repokar's lot address, Repokar will help arranging the delivery to the buyer's address and the buyer will pay for the cost of the delivery. If it is convenient for the buyer they can pickup the car in person.

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