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Question 03/03/2018

How Can I see cars with available Financing? Ive tried filtering and it gives me cars that offer no financing

Answer 03/05/2018

We have just fixed the problem. Please, follow this link to see the list of cars with available financing options: https://repokar.com/cars/kind/financing. There is only one car in that list at the moment.

Question 02/21/2018

Can I drive to the vehicle to inspect it myself before releasing the money? What is a step price? Does it add on the bid after you win?

Answer 02/26/2018

You can discuss the issue with the buyer. If the Pre-Sale Inspection is available, you can inspect the car before paying for it. A bid step is the price that is based on the starting and the reserve prices of the car, that are set by the seller. It is used as the minimal amount you place to outbid other potential buyers.

Question 02/18/2018

when buy a car you guys deliver or person who buyer need to pick up

Answer 02/19/2018

Hello, thank you for your question. We don't deliver cars. Buyers or sellers arrange the shipping. When listing cars at our website, sellers specify who is responsible for the delivery.

Question 11/11/2017

If I live in one state and the car is in another state, who pays for transportation

Answer 11/12/2017

It depends, you can find shipping details on each car's view, below the price of the car.

Question 10/24/2017

I need to get my confirmation email resent, how would I do that?

Answer 10/25/2017

In case you din not receive a confirmation email follow the link: https://repokar.com/site/confirmation, and we will send it once again. Sometimes it might be sent on the spam folder, so please make sure you check it as well