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Meet Repokar's new look 06/23/2014 03:10 PM

We’re very excited to share that we’ve just launched the new look of Repokar's Website! We have arranged everything in the most convenient way for you to place bids and win your deals everyday. The new design is developed in such a way as to emphasize our great inventory of cars. We’ve simplified the interface and put the focus on our featured auctions, which always stay on top for high visibility. And most importantly, the best way you could help improve your chances to sell or buy a car is to share the site with others and let everyone know about Repokar. 

Be our First Customer! 06/18/2014 01:28 AM

The most important day in Repokar's life falls on 10 January, 2014. The new Online Public Auto Auction has opened! Now our Guests can register and start their online auction. Be one of the first clients on the best website! We wish you success in your future deals!


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