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Jaw-dropping deals this Spring at RepoKar

Spring is right around the corner! With melting snow comes rising car sales. Longer days and brighter sunlight mean it’s the season to think about the best used cars for spring; vehicles that allow you to appreciate blue skies, while getting a ...

  • Audi March U.S. sales rise 2%
    18 Apr 2017

    Audi of America reported a March sales increase of 2 percent to 18,705 vehicles, as the Q5, Q3 and A4 led the volume gains. March 2017 marked the 75th consecutive month of record sales for Audi of America. The previous March record was set last year with 18,392 vehicles sold.  SUV sales remained strong with the volume-leading Q5 posting sales of 4,382 vehicles, an increase of 18 percent for the month. Sales of the Q3 rose 21 percent over last year to 1,818 vehicles. The Q7 posted 2,660 sales for the month. The A3 Sportback e-tron had its second-best sales month ever with 414 vehicles...

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  • Dealerships' profits rose in service and parts
    17 Apr 2017

    Even though U.S. is not in a recession that’s exactly what dealerships are doing nowadays. As a percentage of a dealership's total gross, profits fell in the new- and used-vehicle departments, but rose in service and parts.  The profit gains come after about a third of all U.S. light-vehicle dealerships expanded their service departments by at least one bay in the past 18 months to capture more service revenue. And with new- and used-vehicle price competition remaining intense. Going into a sales plateauing year, customer loyalty is going to be very key for dealers. That lo...

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  • Volvo reaching record sales on its 90th birthday
    15 Apr 2017

    What else could be considered as the best present for Volvo on its 90th birthday?! If you don’t know yet than we’ll give you a hint, it’s something related with “sales”. Now, the answer is more visible right?! Well, Volvo wasn’t always here, it fought a lot for the right of being where it is now.   Since 2014 Volvo has annually set a new global sales record, a streak it expects to continue in 2017 by topping the current high of 534,332 that was reached last year. The automaker's profit margin has improved 6.1 percent in 2016 compared with a 4 p...

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  • Online car websites uptaking the crown from car dealerships?
    13 Apr 2017

    Emily Hurwitz is an advertising supervisor from San Francisco and she doesn’t like buying cars from traditional dealers, and she prefers buying cars from online platforms which unite car sellers and car buyers.  Recently she has bought a 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan through such a platform and is really happy with the purchase. What does she say about car dealerships? Well, she’s not very impressed with them in a few words, because she somehow is convinced they will swindle her. “You’re talking to a guy who’s sizing you up. It’s a very overwhelming situa...

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  • Toyota claims the U.S. auto market has peaked
    13 Apr 2017

    Toyota Motor Corp. executive claims that the U.S. auto market has peaked and will shrink this year, with manufacturers using unprecedented incentives to support passenger cars through slumping demand. The president of Toyota’s U.S. sales unit, Bob Carter, says that industrywide deliveries may decline to as low as 17 million vehicles from last year’s record of about 17.5 million. A rapid shift in demand toward sport utility vehicles at the expense of sedans is the main factor driving automakers’ heavy discounts.  Once the industry starts to get their pipelines lined ...

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