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  • Trumpchi car brand faces name change before reaching the US market
    21 Apr 2017

    Guangzhou Automotive Group is considering renaming its Trumpchi brand before it starts to sell cars in America in 2019. The reason is obvious, as the brand name GAC Motor has chosen doesn't necessarily sit well with all prospective customers.   The reasoning behind the Trumpchi name has to do with the romanization of a Chinese brand name GAC Motor had begun using, "Chuanqi". That name, loosely translated, means "legendary" in Chinese, and it's something the automaker wanted to convey in a more easily pronounced way, choosing "trump" for, well, tr...

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  • Nissan Rogue is the king of nonpickup sales in America
    10 Apr 2017

    Starting with October 2016, the SUV segment started to account for roughly one in every three vehicles sold. The Nissan Rogue is driving the sales, and became the top-selling nonpickup in America. Sales of crossovers since 2012 have increased 58 percent to more than 5.6 million sold in 2016, while car sales during that time declined 7.8 percent.  Crossovers accounted for 33.9 percent, or 1.4 million, of the 4 million vehicles sold in the first quarter of 2017. The growth of crossovers comes as car sales face double-digit declines this year and the industry experienced a 1.6-percent f...

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  • The U.S. auto sales bubble could soon burst?
    29 Mar 2017

    May be we have been living in the auto industry bubble, but it's time to look at things from a fresh perspective amid some worrying rounds of new data. The cars are getting way more expensive in light of the increased horsepower and amenities. Unsurprisingly, this rising level of auto luxury has come alongside a surge in the stock market that has buyers willingly plunking down their credit card or some cold hard cash to get a new toy.   The same thing could be applied to non-luxury cars, say mid-size sedans from Ford, Toyota and General Motors. They are receiving hosts of new fea...

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  • Online car shoppers fighting for leads with traditional dealerships
    27 Mar 2017

    We’re coming with yet another good question for you and an answer on it. Could someday third-party shopping sites become platforms for car purchasing? Dealership groups embrace the concept of consumers buying vehicles online. Some used shopping portals from tech companies have developed their buying sites in-house.  Meanwhile, third-party stalwarts are considering a future where they could go beyond their current roles as inventory hubs and gateways to dealership sites. This evolution would allow consumers to browse listings, settle on vehicles and then close deals using buying...

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  • Rich pickings for used car buyers this March
    22 Mar 2017

    This March will be launched new 17 registration plates in the new car market-which means rich pickings for buyers in the used car sector. With the way that many cars are financed these days over a three year term, tens of thousands of models from 2014 will be coming back for specialist dealers to buy for their customers. To keep within the conditions of the finance package these cars will have been serviced every year and will be within the agreed mileage limit. All of which means that now is an excellent time to think about changing your current vehicle for a newer one. March is a good t...

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