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  • VW working on a concept for a robotic sports car
    17 Sep 2017

    Volkswagen will launch a number of fully autonomous Level 5 electric cars, vans and trucks starting as early as 2021. In the near feature it will start testing them at its headquarters. The Sedric self-driving concept, which debuted in Geneva in March was only the beginning.  Volkswagen’s team is already working on ideas for a whole Sedric family of fully autonomous vehicles for the city, for luxurious long-range mobility, through self-driving delivery vans and heavy commercial trucks. Developers also are working on concepts for a robotic sports car. VW's ambitious time fra...

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  • 2017 Challenger, Charger Hellcats recalled for catastrophic oil loss
    25 Aug 2017

    When it comes to driving cars with an internal combustion engine, catastrophic is not a word you generally want to hear. That’s especially true when the car in question has 707 hp and goes by the name Hellcat, be it the two-door Dodge Challenger or the four-door Dodge Charger. Going through the latest recall from FCA – which affects 1,209 Hellcat models sold only in 2017 – we don’t see catastrophic mentioned specifically. However, we can’t think of a better word to describe a rapid and sudden loss of oil that can seize the engine, spray onto the windshield, and po...

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  • Chevrolet considering a cheaper V8 Camaro to regain sales?
    14 Aug 2017

    Chevrolet aims to update its lineup by adding a budget V8 Camaro. Offering a cheaper V8 would be fantastic both from an enthusiast standpoint and from a sales perspective. Everyone likes the current Camaro with its 455-hp V8, but the $37,995 price makes it a tough sell when it's a full $2,000 more than the now more powerful 2018 Ford Mustang GT. It's also almost $4,000 more than both the outgoing 2017 Mustang GT and the Challenger R/T, the most affordable V8 Challenger.   We think that if Chevy could offer a bare-bones model for a couple-thousand dollars less, perhaps without...

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  • Indiana police officers caught sleeping in patrol car
    08 Aug 2017

    It seems that the police department in Richmond, Ind., needs to start stocking 5 Hour Energy Drink in the break room. A Richmond local posted photos to Facebook on Saturday of a Richmond Police Department patrol car parked and running in a cemetery.   The person walked up and discovered that there were two officers sound asleep inside. According to a comment from the original poster, the car had been sitting, running for about three hours. The post as of 10 a.m. drew several comments and hundreds of shares.Richmond's local newspaper, the Pal-Item, reports that the Richmond Police...

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  • Ford recalls 6,000 Fusion, Edge and MKZ vehicles in North America
    11 Jul 2017

    Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday that it is recalling about 6,000 Ford Edge, Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ 2.0-liter gasoline vehicles that have improperly welded torque converter studs.  The affected vehicles are:•2017 Ford Edge crossovers built at Oakville (Ontario) Assembly Plant from April 25 to June 20.•2017 Ford Fusion sedans built at Hermosillo (Mexico) Assembly Plant from May 4 to June 19.•2017 Lincoln MKZ sedans built at Hermosillo from May 4 to June 19.In each case, dealers will replace the affected parts for free.  The automaker said the affected vehicles...

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