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  • Are dealerships selling vehicles with open recalls?
    25 Apr 2017

    New York’s attorney general has reached legal settlements with 104 dealerships it identified as having sold vehicles without disclosing open safety recalls. As part of the settlement, reached on Friday with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, those dealers must now notify customers two days before a sale of an unrepaired vehicle that no repair has been completed. Franchise dealerships are also required to provide loaner vehicles to customers if repairs to their recalled vehicles take more than one day to complete.  The settlement comes following an investigation by the...

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  • U.S. auto sales are cooling, but the nation's party isn't over
    19 Apr 2017

    Cadillac marketing chief Uwe Ellinghaus claims that the U.S. sales party isn't over yet. U.S. sales will probably plateau this year just below 2016’s record finish and hover at near-record levels for some time. He says that what others call a “cooling off” is probably the best thing that has ever happened, because levels that were once seen as excessive are now sustainable.   U.S. sales edged ahead 0.3 percent in 2016 to end the year at 17.5 million units, a seventh straight year of gains. Through March of this year, however, sales were down 1.6 percent, with Ca...

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  • Dealerships' profits rose in service and parts
    17 Apr 2017

    Even though U.S. is not in a recession that’s exactly what dealerships are doing nowadays. As a percentage of a dealership's total gross, profits fell in the new- and used-vehicle departments, but rose in service and parts.  The profit gains come after about a third of all U.S. light-vehicle dealerships expanded their service departments by at least one bay in the past 18 months to capture more service revenue. And with new- and used-vehicle price competition remaining intense. Going into a sales plateauing year, customer loyalty is going to be very key for dealers. That lo...

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  • After weak March sales, concerns rise over US auto market outlook
    06 Apr 2017

    Yesterday car dealers added to concerns about the state of the U.S. auto industry and how tough any downturn might be if its six-year recovery has ended. In a conference call with media and analysts, officials of the National Automobile Dealers Association said they expected sales of cars and light trucks in the United States to dip to 17.1 million vehicles this year, high by historical standards but below 2016's record 17.55 million vehicles.  Investors are also watching rising interest rates, inventories of unsold vehicles and the generosity of profit-eroding discounts that aut...

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  • Is the new car market still healthy?
    31 Mar 2017

    What’s the most important US economic data which will get revealed next week? Of course that’s U.S. auto sales for the third month of the this year. That’s how we will release what really consumers are up to, and if the stock market had a rough ride in 2017. What do we expect?   Specialists say we must wait for another solid month of sales of 17 million new cars at a seasonally adjusted rate for March, but nothing like those 18.4 million we got in December. The number would however point to a third consecutive decline on a 12-month rolling basis. With sales peaking ...

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