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  • BMW sales rose up to 6% last month
    19 Apr 2017

    BMW is a lucky car brand this time, its worldwide sales increased 6% for March. The automaker has delivered 254,862 cars this month, which is a big increase comparing to last year. The company's three premium brands– BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce – also reported a 5.3 percent increase compared to the previous year, with a total 587,237 cars delivered.  The carmaker has achieved a strong start to the year, with its X-family models and the BMW 7 Series being the main growth drivers. March was the first full sales month for the new BMW 5 Series Sedan and the customer fe...

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  • Volvo reaching record sales on its 90th birthday
    15 Apr 2017

    What else could be considered as the best present for Volvo on its 90th birthday?! If you don’t know yet than we’ll give you a hint, it’s something related with “sales”. Now, the answer is more visible right?! Well, Volvo wasn’t always here, it fought a lot for the right of being where it is now.   Since 2014 Volvo has annually set a new global sales record, a streak it expects to continue in 2017 by topping the current high of 534,332 that was reached last year. The automaker's profit margin has improved 6.1 percent in 2016 compared with a 4 p...

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  • Gas taxes and vehicle fees rising in CA
    11 Apr 2017

    It’s been a week since the fierce debate has started, and now it’s official, California’s Legislature approved the plan of raising gas taxes and vehicle fees by $5.2 billion a year to pay for the repair of California’s pothole-ridden, decaying system of roads, highways and bridges.   The bill squeaked through the Senate on a 27-11 vote and cleared the Assembly with 54 votes, the bare minimum required in both houses. The measure sparked suspenseful wrangling in the waning hours of Thursday initially three votes short of securing the two-thirds threshold ne...

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  • US car sales fall in March: discounts rise on unsold cars
    04 Apr 2017

    The U.S. auto industry turned in an underwhelming performance in March as sales disappointed despite rising discounts. The industry reported sales of 1.56 million vehicles for the month, down 1.6% from a year earlier, amid increasing inventories of unsold vehicles, especially of small cars. In the face of declining sales, now it's up to automakers to see if they can pare production of slow-selling models and reduce the profit-crushing practice of having to offer heavy discounts to clear out the backlog. Sales incentives rose 13.4% in March, compared to a year earlier, to an average of $3,5...

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  • 1 Car with 3 owners? That's exactly what happened to this family!
    21 Mar 2017

    Just imagine what you’d feel like if you buy a car you simply adore, and then all of a sudden you realize this car belongs to someone else? Pretty weird huh? Well, that’s eaxctly what happened to Kristin Ellenson who loves everything about her 2012 Cadillac SRX, from the satiny silver paint job and sporty styling to the leather upholstery and wood-trimmed interior.  She and her husband, Jim, bought the luxury sport-utility vehicle used from a car dealership in November 2015, but within a week of bringing it home they realized they had a big problem: The Corvallis car deal...

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