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A Perfect Car for a Perfect Fall from RepoKar.com

Getting a great deal on a new or used car can often depend on your timing. Always keep an eye on the calendar, so you can take advantage of all the seasonal car sales. If you’re looking to buy a car, this coming Fall is the best time to find am...

  • Volkswagen is still the top seller
    17 Nov 2015

    Volkswagen sold fewer vehicles in October, but still more than anybody else in Europe.The VW statistics:Seat car sales declined 11.2%Skoda car sales declined 2.9%Volkswagen lost 0.8%Audi cars sales grew with 3.5%Porsche sales grew with 13.3%The German automaker's sales volume dropped with 0.8% in October and now makes up 25.2% of all cars sold on the continent. Before the scandal broke, that figure stood at 26.1 per cent.Across all brands, 1.14 million vehicles were sold in Europe in October. That's an increase of 2.7% from September's level.German luxury carmakers BMW and Daimler ...

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  • New litigation upon Volkswagen
    17 Nov 2015

    A Canadian law company proposed a class action lawsuit stemming from Volkswagen's admission that it had cheated emissions tests for some of its diesel-powered cars.An investigation, which were taking place in Germany on Tuesday, has some elements that will involve also some of the Volkswagen's gas-powered vehicle products into this lawsuit. "Our firm is presently investigating the extent to which Canadian owners of Volkswagen gasoline-powered vehicles will be affected by the information derived from the ongoing investigation," said lawyer Myron Shulgan, when speaking wit...

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  •  Volkswagen will take a major loan to improve its image
    16 Nov 2015

    The German manufacturer hopes to get from banks 20 billion euros. Volkswagen talks with several banks for a bridge loan in amount of 20 billion euros. The funds will be used to create so-called "financial cushion". As explained the insiders, Volkswagen has no problem with finances. However, with the help of a bridge loan the company wants to solve two problems. Firstly, to have new equipment thet can be used as a reserve. Secondly, to improve the image - to show that Volkswagen has the ability to pay, despite of the scandal with diesel engines.According to anonymous sources...

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  • British refuse to trade the most unusual sports car
    15 Nov 2015

    In 2006 Caparo T1 supercar has been declared as a "road Formula 1 car". The car is designed by ex-McLaren engineers Ben Scott-Geddes and Graham Helsted, famous for his participation in the creation of the iconic supercar McLaren F1. Project Caparo T1 was also ambitious - the English engineers took as the basic formula race car and adapted it for driving on public roads. The sportscar is equipped with 3.5-liter eight power of 575 hp, which allowed Caparo T1 to accelerate to 330 km / h, and to overcome the first hundred in 2.5 seconds.And now the project is under threat of closure. The...

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  • The most popular car brands on Youtube
    15 Nov 2015

    Video Toyota, to which the company raised the main characters of the movie "Back to the Future" to promote its hydrogen hybrid car Toyota Mirai, took the 7th place in top 10 the most popular advertisements on YouTube. It accumulates 4,661,500 views.First, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are discussing which of the predictions have come true in reality and then they get acquainted with the car brand that can use trash for fuel. 

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