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  • The internal combustion engine disappears from the new-car options
    09 Nov 2017

    The range of the average battery-electric family crossover has increased to nearly 400 miles on a single charge, after years of continued incremental improvements in lithium-based batteries, combined with extreme weight savings from lightweight materials, a new generation of superefficient electric motors, and advances in automated driving that reduce energy waste.  The new generation of fast chargers enables vehicles with depleted battery packs to be 80 percent recharged in the time it takes to down a cup of Tim Horton's coffee and doughnut, about five minutes. Even exotic sport...

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  • 2 Nissan stores unexpectedly closed: the case is being investigated
    01 Nov 2017

    Nearly 100 employees have lost their jobs last week, when unexpectedly 2 Nissan dealerships have closed. Nissan of Streetsboro and Airport Nissan near Cleveland gave no warning to customers before closing their doors on Oct. 23.  The dealerships have reportedly had three owners in a year and a half and most recently were under the control of Automax, a Florida financial group, the TV station reported. Automax could not be reached for comment. The Ohio Automobile Dealers Association and the Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers' Association did not return calls seeking comment. &ls...

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  • Where will drivers recharge their EVs?
    31 Oct 2017

    If you want the growth of electric sales to happen, you need to provide customers with reliable public charging infrastructure. Today in the U.S. there are only 16,457 EV charging stations, with 44,999 outlets in operation, mostly on the coasts, but also including Tesla's network of Superchargers along major intercity corridors and other superfast charging stations. The presence and visibility of these stations should help build confidence among consumers thinking about buying battery EVs that they will be able to charge wherever they want. But once people live with an EV, they often ...

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  • This is how you can avoid buying a flood-damaged used car
    19 Sep 2017

    As we're only halfway through the hurricane season, it might be a good time to review the basics of how to avoid buying a flood-damaged used car. The most important thing to understand is the fact, that no good can come from flood damage. Cars today are rolling computer systems, laden with electronics, from engine control units to airbag circuitry to the heaters in your seats. That alone makes for serious trouble when a car has been immersed — engine, mechanical and body issues aside. And even if a vehicle looks or performs well now, that might not be the case a year or two from now ...

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  • Trump's administration gets sued by CA, NY and other states
    11 Sep 2017

    Trump’s administration gets sued by California, New York and 3 other states for delaying the rollout of higher “gas-guzzler” penalties for automakers building new vehicles failing to meet minimum fuel-economy standards.The suit, which also includes Vermont, Maryland and Pennsylvania, is the highest-profile legal challenge to Trump administration vehicle policy to date. As part of a broad deregulation push under President Donald Trump, regulators are debating whether to grant automakers significant reductions in fuel economy requirements. California Attorney General Xavier Bec...

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