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Spring is the Best Time to Buy a car!

Spring is here, and it's the perfect time to discover fresh feelings of adventure.If you are willing to explore your need for speed, then RepoKar is the right place for you! RepoKar is a fun, high-octane online Public Auto Auction where you'r...

  • BMW to export iX3 electric SUV in U.S. from China
    24 Apr 2018

    China and the U.S. might not be in th eir best relationship nowadays, but that doesn’t mean BMW will give up its sales goals. BMW will export its first full-electric SUV, called the iX3, to global markets after it goes into production in 2020 at its joint-venture plant in China.  The iX3 project makes BMW the first major luxury-car maker to ship high-tech vehicles from China, in a sign consumers no longer equate the country with cheap products. It positions the Shenyang site to supply SUVs to the U.S., the second-biggest market for BMW, even with the question of higher Ame...

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  • 70 members of the U.S. House of Representatives go against Trump
    16 Nov 2017

    Trump administration gets urged by a bipartisan group of more than 70 members of the U.S. House of Representatives not to boost current production requirements on vehicle content for autos produced in the region under the North American Free Trade Agreement. Under the trade deal, at least 62.5 percent of the material in a car or light truck made in the region must be from North America to be able to enter the marketplace tariff-free.  The Trump administration has proposed raising the proportion of NAFTA content to 85 percent and securing 50 percent of the total for the U.S. The House...

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  • European car companies dealing with extra costs
    12 Mar 2017

    Since Donald Trump has become the new U.S. president he has been vowing to turn American trade policy toward a more protectionist stance. That includes imposing a 35 percent tariff on imported cars, could have far-reaching consequences for European automakers.  European auto executives who gathered here last week for the annual Geneva auto show have found themselves having to deal unexpectedly with trade issues in markets, including Britain and the United States, that just a year ago seemed steady. Many European automakers produce and even export cars from the United States and Mexic...

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  • BMW will stick to investment plans despite Trump threats
    31 Jan 2017

    Harald Krueger says BMW Group will stick to its investment plans for Mexico and the United States despite warnings from President Donald Trump to impose border taxes on cars imported into the U.S. BMW said last month that it plans to finish construction of a new $1 billion plant for its 3 series in Mexico undeterred by threats from the president that he will introduce heavy tariffs on cars imported into the U.S. from its southern neighbor.  Krueger claims that they need free world trade. BMW would also continue to invest in its Spartanburg plant in the U.S., its largest worldwide. BM...

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  • What Trump's election could mean to auto industry
    07 Dec 2016

    Donald Trump tangled with the auto industry during the presidential campaign, decrying in particular Ford's plan to relocate small-car production to Mexico. Ultimately, Trump's tweet shaming was sound and fury, signifying nothing. US automakers have been building cars in Mexico and Canada for decades, long before borderless free-trade and NAFTA became major campaign issues.  UBS auto analyst Colin Langan published a research note this week in which he assessed the impact of Congress' corporate tax reform plan — primarily a tax cut and a deal to repatriate offshore c...

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