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  • Vehicle baits to catch car thieves
    04 Oct 2015

    The cars are full of mini cameras, which allow police to disable them once they have been stolen.The RAC says vehicle baits are being used in countries including United States to catch car thieves. "Once they are in the car, the doors automatically lock and the vehicle's under surveillance by the police," RAC spokesman Glen Walker said."There is overwhelming case law on this in Australia and indeed world-wide that says it's not necessarily entrapment and let's face it if you are not going to steal a motor vehicle you have nothing to worry about at all."RAC ...

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  • 2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn convertible
    22 Sep 2015

    It is the sexiest Rolls-Royce ever built. As we already know, it is the most cool automaker in the world, who has no competitors in releasing new models. This week, England’s BMW-owned finest unveiled the Dawn, a drophead – Rolls doesn’t simply do “convertibles” – based on its Wraith coupe. But this isn’t some half-assed version of the coupe with its roof chopped off. No, this is the Dawn, a unique model deserving of its own nameplate, and as such deserves a little fanfare to break the ice. So if you’re in the market for a luxury car that of...

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  • New Ford Figo Aspire has already sold in its first month on sale
    16 Sep 2015

    The car is attractively priced, looks very sexy, and is well loaded in terms of features. Honda Amaze was all those things, but a while ago. The Amaze is a smart, proportionate, and reasonably well-built car, but its interiors have got some stick for being plasticity. The Ford Figo Aspire is easily the best proportioned sub-4 metre car in India. It draws on the Ford global family look, which many says is inspired by Aston Martin. There is a bold and large front grille, equally large head-lamps, that makes the car look well-finished and rich in materials. The inside is with better looking ...

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  • European car sales Rise in August 2015
    14 Sep 2015

    European car sales rose 12 percent in August. As rising economic confidence encouraged purchases of new sport utility vehicles from French manufacturers Renault and Citroen and luxury producers BMW and Mercedes-Benz.European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, or ACEA, said: "Eight-month sales increased 8.6 percent to 9.38 million autos. That included growth of 9.5 percent in July."BMW -  the world’s biggest maker of luxury cars, is attracting customers with the coupe-like X4 and X6 SUVs, and is presenting the latest version of the X1 at the Frankfurt Internationa...

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  • Pontiac Aztek gains traction with millennials from 'Breaking Bad' role
    09 Sep 2015

    According to an Edmunds.com Analysis many discontinued vehicles are receiving a new life in the used-car market thanks to millennial buyers.  Thanks to these careful buyers, cars such as the Pontiac Aztec —well know for its spot as one of the ugliest vehicles ever, and its role in AMC’s “Breaking Bad” TV Series— are truly enjoying popularity and almost a revival.In 2008 the Dodge Magnum station wagon was officially discontinued by Chrysler. However, it would be good for Chrysler to know that this year, the Dodge Magnum had the highest rate of millen...

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