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  • This Is How Cars Were Meant to Be Viewed
    14 Aug 2015

     We know, we know. The whole “cars-as-rolling-sculpture” thing is a bit of a cliché, but it’s still a good reminder that cars are best appreciated in motion -- which is why the annual Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance, held the Thursday before the Concours d’Elegance and free to watch from nearly anywhere along its route, is a Monterey car week must-see. The format is simple: car participating in the concours cruise around the Monterey peninsula, take in the jaw-dropping vistas of Big Sur and then head back to Carmel-by-the-Sea for a champagne receptio...

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  • 25 Useful Ways of Making your Driving Life Easier and Funnier
    02 Aug 2015

    To make your driving life easier, better and more enjoyable we suggest you in this article some really cool things that will let you save time and money and wil make you feel a modern Mcgyver who can make something from anything. Learn how to get profit from some original ways of using common things. 1. Use minties as a temporary fix for a whole in your fuel tank.Most of us always have some minties in the car. What a surprise to learn that they can serve as temporary fix if the fuel tank springs a leak. Before seeing your local mechanic, chew the mintie until it sticks to your teeth ...

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  • The Future of Law Enforcement in Toyota's Ultimate UV?
    01 Jul 2015

    Is Toyota's Ultimate Utility Vehicle the Future of Law Enforcement?SEMA Show Car Combines Minivan Versatility with Truck Off-Roadability.  Indeed, Toyota's Ultimate Utility Vehicle is headed to SEMA, after a 110-day trip around the U.S. The last time we looked at our calendar, SEMA was still scheduled for November, but that didn't stop Toyota from unveiling the Ultimate Utility Vehicle that it will take to this year's tuner extravaganza. With its matte black paint, black wheels and monochrome door logos, the UUV channels the look of the&n...

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  • Mad Max's Hot Wheels unveiled
    17 May 2015

    George Miller is relaunching Mad Max with the long-rumored, then long-delayed, and now imminent Mad Max: Fury Road. Miller needed about 25 years of development, including 12 agonizing years after announcing that a script had been written, to get this movie made. And while previous Max movies were filmed in the Australian outback, this one was shot in Namibia.  Here are 10 of the vehicles featured in the film:Plymouth RockBuilt around the desiccated remains of what appears to be a 1937 Plymouth sedan, this metallic hyena’s mission is to scrounge the wasteland looking for carrion to c...

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  • Amazing Artwork on Dirty Cars
    02 Apr 2015

    When american artist Scott Wade’s car gets covered in dirt, he isn't disappointed about it, like other drivers might be, no, not at all! Why? Because then the car becomes a perfect canvas for his amazing art! He creates the pictures on the windows of his and his wife’s cars using his fingers and as assortment of brushes. Mr Wade can spend several hours perfecting his unusual masterpieces but admits that the art is very delicate and it all can get ruined after just one heavy downpour.               

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