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Spring is the Best Time to Buy a car!

Spring is here, and it's the perfect time to discover fresh feelings of adventure.If you are willing to explore your need for speed, then RepoKar is the right place for you! RepoKar is a fun, high-octane online Public Auto Auction where you'r...

  • Mitsubishi reported a 36 percent jump in operating profit
    25 Jul 2018

    Mitsubishi’s operating profit reached $253.9 million in the fiscal first quarter. It means the company’s profits jumped 36% in the latest quarter as the automaker's rebound gathered speed on rising sales in every key market.The robust results were buoyed by new vehicles such as the Eclipse Cross and Outlander PHEV crossovers in the United States and the Xpander MPV in Southeast Asia. Looking ahead, Mitsubishi kept its earnings outlook unchanged. It expects worldwide operating profit to increase 12 percent in the current fiscal year ending March 31, 2019, while net income inches...

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  • February car sales less resilient than anticipated
    01 Mar 2017

    We were expecting for car sales to calm down in February, but despite all the expectations and predictions we were still hoping for better results. Bad news, U.S. auto sales showed to be even less resilient this month than anticipated. If we have to compare these results with February last year, than they are down 1.1%. Automakers like General Motors (GM), American Honda Motor Co., and Nissan North America reported new-car sales gains from a year ago. Volkswagen Group, plus the premium German nameplates and three independent brands, also posted sales increases. However, Ford Motor Co. (Ford) a...

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  • Global car sales risking more than ever!
    21 Feb 2017

    Predictions for the 2017 global light vehicle sales say that they might reach 93.5 million units, that’s a growth rate of 1.5% over 2016. But even so, industry risk in mature markets is at the highest level it has been since the Lehman Brothers collapse and global industry downturn from 2008 through 2010, and will be a key factor for the near future. Engine propulsion options are expected to have an influence as well.  Political uncertainty could cause a significant rift in light vehicle sales both in the U.S. and Europe, as both regions are undergoing fluctuations in policy, l...

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  • China green car sales outsold US & EU sales
    25 Jan 2017

    Analysts were expecting China to sell more than 60,000 green cars and hybrids but the truth is that only 44,874 new electric cars were sold by December. But let's be honest, even with these results they outsold more plug-in vehicles than US or Europe did. Overall China car sales share rose to a record of 1.45% above the USA (0.8%) and Europe (1.4%).  Despite the “disappointing” plateauing in December, which is a bit like what happens when you expect that Usain Bolt will break the 0–100 meter world record every time he goes on the track, looking at the big pictur...

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  • BMW shares its success in EV's with us
    03 Nov 2016

    From the moment EVs made their debut in U.S. till nowadays, plug-in hybrids have made a long way. Just by seeing the glorious results made by introducing Tesla's Model S to the car market, we can make a conclusion on how much the industry was able to change within 6 years. Nissan just sold its 100,000 Leaf in the US. BMW, too, would have you know that it has been pulling its weight in this grand acceleration of EVs. In fact, the German automaker has also recently hit a major milestone since it first launched battery-powered cars under its i sub-brand. BMW has announced that it has ach...

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