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  • Honda investing $124 million in US
    21 Apr 2017

    Honda plans to invest in US, and we don’t whether it was an impact of Donald Trump’s threatens or something else, but the automaker says it wants to open an aeroacoustic wind tunnel test center in East Liberty, Ohio.   It will include an interchangeable belt system with a five-belt rolling road system for production vehicles, including Honda and Acura cars and light trucks, and a single wide-belt system for high-performance vehicles and racecars. The wind tunnels “will be integral to our aerodynamic and aeroacoustic r&d activity, which spans from advanced r...

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  • Ford's vice president is convinced that SUV sales will rise in 2017
    13 Apr 2017

    Ford has good expectations at least when it comes to its SUVs, and this was proved by the words coming out from Ford's vice president of U.S. marketing, this Monday. He says the sport utility vehicles will not stop here, and the sales of them will rise in the United States. The country’s second largest automaker has unveiled its refreshed version of Ford Explorer SUV not so long ago, and it increased the carmaker’ sales to nearly 40%.  Low fuel prices and improving fuel efficiency among SUVs have helped prod more Americans into buying SUVs and pickup trucks in recent ...

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  • U.S. car sales being threatened by low used-car prices
    10 Apr 2017

    March has been a hard month for automakers, dealerships and car sellers because the car sales records reached last year couldn’t be repeated in 2017 again. The interest rates are rising but the used-vehicle prices are falling down.  Industrywide deliveries lowered to an adjusted annual pace of 16.6 million vehicles, falling short of analysts’ expectations of 17.2 million. In that report we highlighted the risks to the industry from rising rates, rising negative equity in vehicle loans and used vehicle-price deflation. This could lead to deteriorating affordability, delaye...

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  • U.S. March car sales go up about 1.9%
    28 Mar 2017

    March U.S. new vehicle sales will be about 1.62 million units, that’s up about 1.9% from 1.59 million units a year earlier. The forecast was base on the first 16 selling days of the month. The seasonally adjusted annualized rate for the month will be 17.3 million vehicles, up from 16.8 million a year earlier.  Retail sales to consumers, which do not include multiple fleet sales to rental agencies, businesses and government, were set to increase 1 percent in March. Highlighting "policy uncertainty" over whether Republican U.S. President Donald Trump will press ahead wi...

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  • Intel agreed to buy Mobileye for $14.7 billion
    15 Mar 2017

    Intel U.S. agreed to buy Israeli autonomous-driving technology company Mobileye with a value of $14.7 billion. The new technology could thrust the U.S. chipmaker into direct competition with rivals Nvidia Corp. and Qualcomm Inc. to develop driverless systems and components for global automakers.  The acquisition of Mobileye could propel the world's largest computer chipmaker into the front ranks of automotive suppliers at a time when Intel has been downplaying its core semiconductor business. It also promises to escalate the arms race among the world's carmakers and supp...

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