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Biggest Auto Auction Online

Whether you're a motor trade professional or a vehicle owner, you can choose from thousands of automobiles in more than 100 auctions a week! Advertising and selling your car online is simply the best option, and it definitely works. Repokar.com is the most optimal choice, when it comes to selling your car fast and for more dollars. Our answer is definitely Repokar.com!

How did I earn $95.000 on RepoKar (by Avis Barnes)

 I still remember how scared and stressed I was when I tried selling my very first car 2005 Kia Sedona EX. I lost a lot of time trying to sell it as easily as I can, and it was really pointless as I found out later.Roony one of my friends told me to search online for car auctions. At first, I gave him a pessimistic smile. It’s been 3 years since I posted my first car online. I researched websites, and after a few, well-thought hours studying the car market, I signed up for an online a...

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U.S. new car sales drop significantly!

This August's sales results are expected to be revealed soon, but before that we've already made some expectations which regretfully will become true. U.S. new vehicle sales will decline this month, which will mean the industry's chances of beating the full-year record set in 2015 will decrease.  The industry faces and uphill struggle to match last year's performance. The vice president of a popular forecasting Automotive company, Jeff Schuster said in a statement that ...

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Marchionne sees Samsung as "potential strategic partner"

Shares of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles moved sharply higher on Wednesday after Bloomberg reported that Samsung Electronics is in "advanced talks" to buy some or all of FCA's Magneti Marelli auto parts unit. Bloomberg's sources say that Samsung might be considering an outright purchase of Magneti Marelli. Such a deal "could be worth more than $3 billion" and could close by the end of the year, according to the report Magneti Marelli's connection to Fiat goes all ...

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Despite the scandal Volkswagen has better sales than Ford?

Automakers will report the August sales this Thursday, and while many of us are expecting for them, we could not forget about those three leading industry analyst firms which are projecting year-over-year total sales decline ranging, between 2.1% and 5.2%. Both firms agree that Ford Motor Co. is on track to report the deepest decline.  A popular specialist from LMC automotive has predicted a drop of 5.2% year over year to 1.49 million units. The duo's total august seasonally a...

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EPA will start looking at mandating higher octane gasoline

Chris Grundler: “For us to intervene and establish fuel standards, we have to show that there is no profit or air quality that, absent regulations, which somehow is inhibiting post-treatment or other vehicle parts. And the benefits outweigh the costs.”Increased octane in gasoline – seen as a way to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions in high technology today day turbocharged, direct injection engines looks like it will get some attention from the EPAOctane premium ga...

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