I still remember how scared and stressed I was when I tried selling my very first car 2005 Kia Sedona EX. I lost a lot of time trying to sell it as easily as I can, and it was really pointless as I found out later.

Roony one of my friends told me to search online for car auctions. At first, I gave him a pessimistic smile. It’s been 3 years since I posted my first car online. I researched websites, and after a few, well-thought hours studying the car market, I signed up for an online auction account. The process felt like “hell on earth.” 99% of platforms require a registration fee or a fee for posting your cars or paying extra for boosting your car’s visibility. Also, the process of posting requires dozens and dozens of forms to complete. If you stay in an open application for too long your session will reset, and you would need to restart the whole process. When I felt restless, I left the car auction site.

A few weeks later, I surfed the web looking for a new car. This was my first interaction with RepoKar.com, I found a 2013 Mitshubishi Outlander that was almost 2 times cheaper than on the other car auction sites I previously saw. My initial thought was: this has to be fake! But the car’s price tag was too tempting. I registered and started bidding on it until the auction was over. After the night, I won myself a 2013 Mitshubishi Outlander without selling my 2005 Kia Sedona EX.


The most interesting part started when I realized I had 9 days to pay for the vehicle I won. I had no money for it. What should I do? I asked myself. I needed to sell my car quick. I Google searched “the best website to sell cars online.” The result wasn’t the one I expected. After a 4-hour registration, I lost interest on the “best selling cars” website. At 4am, I reviewed my RepoKar purchase. I wanted the car so bad that there was no going back. I posted my car on RepoKar and went to bed. When I woke up at 8am, my phone was bursting from the amount of calls I was receiving. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I spoke with buyers who wanted to meet with me. The last person I met was a really nice man named, Thomas. He offered me an amount I could not resist. He offered $4.000 for my car.

What a relief with this 4.000 I had enough money for purchasing my new car! I paid for my 2013 Outlander, and I was really thrilled about it. My first unexpected business with RepoKar was a success!

I suppose this is more of a thank you note than with what I started my letter with. Buying and selling cars have been a hobby ever since I bought my first Mitshubishi on RepoKar. In the last 3 years, I sold about 27 cars and earned about $95,000.

(here is the link to those cars)

For those who don’t know where to buy used cars or where to sell their vehicles, believe me when I say RepoKar.com is the right way to go. Whether you’re in it for business or for personal use, RepoKar is the hub for profitable deals.