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Get Your Car Ready for Winter!

When it comes to safe driving, you search for a car that corresponds to your every need. The car, first of all, has to be dynamic, spacious, and powerful. You’ll definitely find all these basic car needs here on Repokar. This cold winter season...

  • New-Car Shoppers Will Pay Higher Costs
    24 Apr 2018

    Anyone planning to buy a new car for the first time in a while might need to prepare themselves for a bit of a shock. The combination of higher auto prices, longer loans, and bigger interest rates means that a buyer could pay about $6,500 more for a car that they would have five years ago.  The average price paid for a new car reached the $34,623 mark in March. Five years ago, that number was 31,078. The loans bring their share to the price, too. Growing interest rates makes borrowing more expensive. Now interest rates on new-car loans stand at 5.7 percent compared with 4.4 percent i...

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  • U.S Car Sales decline in 2018
    03 Jan 2018

    This year was not good for U.S. car sales, academics and researchers are talking about a pangent but not the worst decline in 2018. There are not so many specialists who dare to have a look beyond 2018, but Morgan Stanley did it and he doesn't like what it sees, with a technology-obsolescence inspired downturn so awful governament subsidies may be necessary to support the market.Meanwhile forecasts for 2018's decreases with 1.5% to off 5%. BMI Research rekons sales in 2018 will go down with 1.5%after a 1.1% fall this year. The Center for Automotive Research  at the University...

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  • A Perfect Car for a Perfect Fall from RepoKar.com
    28 Aug 2017

    Getting a great deal on a new or used car can often depend on your timing. Always keep an eye on the calendar, so you can take advantage of all the seasonal car sales. If you’re looking to buy a car, this coming Fall is the best time to find amazing deals on RepoKar.com.Shop at the nation’s largest auto auction website and experience quality car buying on our online platform. Interact with sellers, apply for financing, and go on test drives before making your final decision.  At RepoKar, you’ll discover hundreds of SUVs, trucks, and sedans at ridiculously low prices...

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  • GM will reduce its staff to about 50 from 180 by year end
    25 May 2017

    As part of the efforts to reduce exposure General Motors will slash headcount at its international headquarters in Singapore. GM International -- which oversees markets such as India, Southeast Asia, and South Korea, among others -- will reduce its staff to about 50 from 180 by year end, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.  About 90 employees will leave the company by the end of June and 40 by the end of 2017. Last week, the company said it would take a $500 million charge in the second quarter to restructure operations in India, Africa and Singapore. The company plan...

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  • New surveys proove that the future of automobile sales is online
    07 Apr 2017

    If you ever bought something online than you might already know how interesting and easy that is, and probably never got back to the old way of car buying after that. But if you didn’t than you still don’t know how many doors the online car sales might open.  Indeed, finding anyone of a working age who has never bought anything directly from an online store would probably be more difficult. And does anyone buy books in an actual bookstore anymore? Online shopping has become so pervasive that all the popular online selling platforms have gotten a lot of competitors, w...

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