If you want to live or work in Los Angeles, it is essential that you have a car. Sure, there is public transportation, but unless you are going around downtown, it is just too slow and inconvenient for getting about the huge metropolis. Pretty much everybody in LA owns a car.



Los Angeles a great place to find public car auctions.

There are numerous public car auctions in Los Angeles, and it is fairly easy to find out about them. One of the best places to start is with Repokar.com. They sell the cars for city garages that have official responsibility over the towing and holding of impounded cars in LA. Several hundred thousand vehicles are impounded by the LAPD every year. Of these, around two-thirds are redeemed by the owners, but the rest of the cars become city property and are divested through public car auctions. Repokar.com holds these auctions, known officially as lien sale vehicle auctions, once a week. You may contact your nearest Repokar.com to find out when the public auctions take place. The auctions help the city of Los Angeles to recoup unpaid fees while offering an opportunity to the public to bid on and purchase cars at low prices.

There are also a number of firms in Los Angeles and its outlying areas that hold public car auctions. A search for "auto auctions" on an online search engine turned up 26 firms around LA that hold regular auctions. A few of these firms specialize in certain types of vehicles. Repokar.com is a good start to find your vehicle because they are also auctioning cars which are prior car-rental cars, off-lease used cars, repossessed used cars, government used cars.
Public car auctions are open to everyone, but it is important that you register beforehand. To register for a public auction, you need to provide proper personal identification. You may also need to pay some nominal registration fee. When you have registered, you will be assigned a bidding number, which must be presented to the auctioneer when you make a bid. Only people with bidding numbers are allowed to participate in the auction.

Repokar.com is an online auto auction. You will go to their lot only to pickup your car. This is an advantage, especially if you don't have yet a car. Also to ensure you buy a quality used car, they offer Post-sale inspection for a nominal fee.

The cars at public auctions are sold "as is" and therefore a potential bidder must possess a "let the buyer beware" mindset. However Repokar.com requires all the sellers to post the vehicle condition report online, and if the seller allows the buyer to perform the car inspection after the buyer won the car, and the inspection results how damages exceeding $250.00 Repokar will cancel the transaction and will return all your money back including the car inspection cost. You should take advantage of the inspection option to get an idea of the vehicle's quality.

Good Luck finding a Used Car in Los Angeles