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2008 Dodge Nitro Custom
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Over the years, Dodge has become at least as well known for its many truck models as for its prodigious passenger car output. The brand's most popular truck is the Dodge Ram. The New Dodge marketed today follows such design cues as a sporty look, a high-performance engine, and a modified wheel and chassis designed to maximize passenger legroom. Currently Dodge is mostly known for its modern models: Dodge Grand Caravan, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Dodge Dart, Dodge Durango, Dodge Journey, Dodge Viper.

Our Dodge Auto Auction may also help you to find one of the classic past models of the brand such as: 100 "Commando", 100 "Kew", Dodge 300, Dodge 330, Dodge 400, Dodge 440, Dodge 50 Series, Dodge 500, Dodge 600, Dodge A100, Dodge Aries, Dodge Aspen, Dodge Avenger, Dodge B Series, Dodge C Series, Dodge Charger (B-body), Dodge Colt, Dodge Coronet, Dodge Crusader, Dodge Custom, Dodge Custom 880, Dodge Custom Royal, Dodge D Series, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Diplomat, Dodge Dreamer, Dodge Dynasty, Dodge Intrepid, Dodge Kingsway, Dodge Lancer, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Matador, Dodge Meadowbrook, Dodge Mirada, Dodge Monaco, Dodge Rampage, Dodge Regent, Dodge Royal, Dodge Shadow, Dodge Sierra, Dodge Spirit.

Dodge strives to provide you sleek and functional vehicles. Repokar Auto Auction brings them closer to you selecting the most profitable deals for your pleasure. We offer to your attention a large selection of used vehicles, in like-new condition, ideal for spare parts or your primary, ready-to-drive vehicle. Repokar's Dodge Auto Auction lets you find the best available rates on all cars you are interested in, so we will be glad to save you time, money and effort.