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2010 Hyundai Veracruz
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2015 Toyota Corolla
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Looking for selling of used cars? Welcome to our Public Auto Auction in Berkeley, Illinois. You can easily save hundreds of dollars on your next car purchase if you take a look at our affordable cars at the local auctions. Once you decide to get a car, browse our site for the needed vehicle: we have an easy to use car search tool, that allows you to set all the standards for the car you're wishing to buy, like location of the car, it's color, car make, model, price and all the rest features.

This assures that you won't miss a single auto deal with the options desirable to you. Our cars inventory is quite large and we have cars for sale by the owners, the car dealers, police car auctions, local car auctions, government car auctions, state car auctions and seized car auctions as well.

Deal with Repokar to find the best car! And this is the best place where to sell used cars online!