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Welcome to Jensen Auto Auction on RepoKar!

We are by far the newest, the most successful and up to date online public car auction trading valuable classic cars. Jensen Motors is among these noteworthy classic brands. This British automaker ceased trading in 1976, but the timeless Jensen sports cars, Jensen droptops and Jensen coupes may be found in our listings of used cars for sale and may be won on auction.

Among the best-known Jensen models there is the Jensen Interceptor that is a sporting GT-class car and the Jensen FF that was the first production car with four-wheel drive. From the 267 convertible Jensen Interceptors that were ever made in a convertible variant, a considerable number were imported to the U.S. by the 1974. Even rarer is the Interceptor coupe version introduced in 1975, but it's still susceptible of appearing în our inventory.

For those seeking the individuality of classic Italian design, the easy dependability of class leading American muscle power and the excellence of British bespoke engineering, our Jensen Auto Auction can offer a discrete, attentive and inclusive service leading you to the purchase of perhaps the most versatile classic cars available on the used cars market. Behind the wheel of a Jensen vehicle you'll never go unnoticed!