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2007 Hummer H3
12 photos
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2015 Honda ACCORD
7 photos
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1999 Ford CONTOUR
7 photos
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2012 Honda ACCORD
7 photos
12 bids
2012 Ford FOCUS
7 photos
1 bid
2009 Smart FORTWO
19 photos
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RepoKar Auto Auction manages 100s of auctions in every state, allowing bidding from anywhere in the country.


Our Customer Support service will help you to find answers to any of your questions related to your car trading experience.


RepoKar is widely present on all the most popular social media and is always ready to assist you! Read daily our updates


To secure your car deal, RepoKar recommends a Pre-sale and a Post-sale inspection, aiming to conduct fair and risk-free transactions.


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Why RepoKar?

An Easy to Use Website
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Pre-Sale & Post-Sale Inspections
1000s of Reputed Partners Easy Customers' Communication

Make your Car Sales experiences more efficient by profiting from advantages RepoKar Auto Auction offers to each of its customers.


Business Collaboration with us is definitely profitable. Our operational car trading network will help you reach more potential buyers effortlessly all over the USA! Become a member of our National Auto Auction Association Car-Liquidation and let your car business flourish!

Premium auctions

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2008 Mercury SABLE PREMIER
5 photos
No bids
2011 Cadillac CTS SEDAN
5 photos
No bids
2008 Saab 9-5 2.3T
4 photos
No bids
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Get ready for the new way of buying cars at

our live auction!

Repokar's website has created a new feature of buying and selling automobiles by offering them up for bid in real time like at a real car auction with all the emotions and excitement it brings

  • Fair car pricing
  • Interactive bidding
  • Live auction battle
  • Obvious results
  • Faster car sales
  • Online visibility
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A partnership for self-driving cars between FCA and Google Apr 04 2016

An agreement on the technology partnership for self-driving cars has been almost reached between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Google owner Alphabet. The talks between the two parts have been going on for several months, and they may finally agree the deal these days. The...

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The cleanest vehicles of USA are revealed! Apr 04 2016

People like pointing out how dirty the electricity grid mix is after charging electric vehicles. Many love talking about plug-in cars that as they say contribute to pollution. This map from Carnegie Mellon University helps on finding out the cleanest cars based on their location. Researcher...

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Funny cars Nov 11 2014

Are you absolutely sure what a car should look like? Look at these hilarious photos of cars, whose owners decided not to blend in with the crowd but stand out, so they modified their vehicles to look like this:   - What was the color of the offender's car? - Errrr...   ...

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Cars Are A Big Part Of Our Life! Sayings & Quotes About Cars Sep 09 2014

Many drivers have a deep attachment to their cars. A little scratch on the bonnet or a strange sound of the engine makes them feel worried. For such people a car is more than just an automobile - it is a part of their life. Actually, who doesn't love speed? I think there is no person who will...

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