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Fees Plan

RepoKar unlike many other car selling portals has $0.00 Insertion fee.

What means $0.00 Insertion Fee?

You add your car for Free and don't pay anything to Repokar unless you sell it.

What fees you will pay after the car is sold?

Sold Price

Repokar fee

$0.00 to $5,000.00


$5,001 to $15,000.00


$15,001 to $40,000.00


Over $40,000.00



Important: If you want Repokar to complete the transaction after the car is sold (process payment, process paperwork, deliver the car to the customer), you will need to select Repokar Pickup location for the car pickup address at the time of adding the vehicle on auction. An additional $120.00 will apply on top of the sale fees. This fee covers RepoKar's expenses for finalizing the transaction on your behalf. If during this process any type of extra cost will arise such as (DMV fees, mailing fees and other), Repokar will bill your account for reimbursement of such expenses.

Do we have a Flat Cost for High Volume, Premium Sellers?

For a fee of $988.00 per year you get a title of a Premium Seller with unlimited car auctions per year and no Sale fees. Click here to upgrade 

Seller's Policy applies