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Question 06/11/2015

How do I find the reserve price

Answer 06/12/2015

In order to maintain the Fairness of the Auctions and the Bidding process, only the Seller and the system know what the Reserve Price is.

Question 06/11/2015

what is the reserve price

Answer 06/12/2015

The Reserve Price is that hidden price which the Seller sets as the minimum threshold at which he/she is willing to sell the vehicle in an auction. The Seller is only obligated to sell the vehicle once the bid amount meets or exceeds the Reserve Price.

Question 06/10/2015

maximum bid

Answer 06/12/2015

Technically, there is no Maximum bid per se, as there is no way of knowing how high someone will want to bid for a specific vehicle he/she desires. What the system does is signal HIGHEST bid during and at the end of the auction, as well as the WINNING bid. The Winning bid is that bid which is the HIGHEST at the time the Auction ends and at the same time is the bid which has reached or surpassed the Reserve Price set by the seller of the vehicle.

Question 06/07/2015

auction ended

Answer 06/12/2015

The Auction has ended. It has finished. It could be because Someone won the auction or simply because time on the auction run out and no one reached the Reserve Price set by the Seller.

Question 06/04/2015

When I click to get my account verified nothing happens.

Answer 06/11/2015

Please, contact us directly at auctions@Repokar.com so we may further investigate this issue. Please, provide your USER ID so we may be able to find the specific reason for this issue. Thank you for your cooperation.