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Question 03/19/2014

Why can I not set my filters, i.e. State of Missouri? Also, it does not change the screen, but shows the same cars with 5 pages but will not allow me to go to Page 2 or any other page. Very discouraging.

Answer 03/20/2014

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. Our IT department has fixed the error and the filter works well now!

Question 03/05/2014

Can I go directly to Sunvalley to bid or purchase a car ?

Answer 03/05/2014

The bidding Process must be online, the final transition type depends on the sellers's wish, either he wants to complete the transaction offline or through PayPal which is more safe. At Repokar Auction you should place bids online and only after winning the car, complete the purchase. If the car's pick up location is at our office, you may come and pick it up if you wish. If not, we can arrange the shipping for you. We encourage you to bid on the car you like, this is easy and safe, and make sure order a Post-Sale Inspection this will ensure that you buy a quality car.

Question 02/27/2014

Can you cancel a bid

Answer 02/28/2014

If the bid is placed and confirmed, it can no longer be cancelled. But in special cases you may contact our support at auctions@repokar.com and we will review each case individually.

Question 11/07/2013

How many items can I post? Is there a limit?

Answer 11/07/2013

There is no limit. You are free to list as many items as you have.

Question 10/28/2013

If I clicked on BUY IT NOW, in this moment can anybody else also buy same car or not?

Answer 10/28/2013

The option BUY IT NOW works very simple: You click on the Button BUY IT NOW, the request goes to server and if you are the first person who clicked, it comes to you an Answer like: YOU BOUGHT IT SUCCESSFULLY !!! Now the item is blocked for another person, so another one can't "buy it now"