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Question 06/02/2015

Where are the crs located?

Answer 06/12/2015

The CRs can be located in the form of a file or text in the CR section of each vehicle's page. If it were missing, You may request for a copy of the CRs for any vehicle, from the seller(s), before you bid on any vehicle.

Question 04/22/2015

what is average cost of post sale inspection

Answer 04/27/2015

The average Cost of the Post-sale Inspection is $125.00

Question 04/22/2015

how long does it take to get clear title from time funds are received

Answer 04/28/2015

It depends on a few facts. Once the seller sends the information to his/her local DMV Office, it will depend on how fast the office receives and then processes the title.

Question 04/17/2015

Is there an invisible reserved price for buyer? So the final bidding can not win unless it meets the invisible reserved price?

Answer 04/20/2015

All sellers have the option to set up a "reserved price" at his/her discretion. Once the reserved price has been reached or met, the highest bid would be considered the winning bid, at the time the auction closes.

Question 04/16/2015

I am interested in a car that only provide post-inspection option, is there any ways to get its condition report and carfax report before I bid?

Answer 04/20/2015

First, regarding Carfax, if you would be interested in obtaining a Carfax report, you may contact the seller and request from him/her to provide you with one if it is available. Additionally, Repokar partners up with Autocheck which can run a report on the vehicle you are interested in purchasing, for a nominal fee. The Post-sale Inspection option is a really beneficial tool which Repokar provides, where an independent third party performs a complete inspection of the vehicle for you, so that you may protect your investment.