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Question 07/07/2015

How do you add photos?

Answer 07/08/2015

When setting up your car for sale, you add your photos/pictures in step 3. Simply select the file(s) you wish to upload and follow the simple instructions. Once you have uploaded all the files/pictures you wanted, you move on to the next step.

Question 07/07/2015

How do you edit your ad?

Answer 07/16/2015

Please, follow these steps: 1) Sign into your RepoKar.com account. 2) Then, go into MY Account by hitting the “Welcome XXXX” message at the top right-hand corner. 3) Once into your account go to My Listings. 4) Select the Item you would like to to fix/edit and hit the “action” button which will drop a choice window. There choose EDIT option. 5) Make the changes you need. 6) Agree to the terms and conditions again. 7) Re-start your auction.

Question 06/20/2015

how long does it take my car to be delivered? will i receive the title right away?

Answer 06/20/2015

Delivery of car depends on the arrangement of shipping, this means if the seller arranges the shipping you should contact them for an ETA. If the seller is processing the Registration then the time will depend on the DMV if the seller is mailing the title to you, then it depends on the ETA the seller has given to you, but usually it should be delivered to you at the time of vehicle delivery, unless other arrangements have been made.

Question 06/11/2015

How do I find the reserve price

Answer 06/12/2015

In order to maintain the Fairness of the Auctions and the Bidding process, only the Seller and the system know what the Reserve Price is.

Question 06/11/2015

what is the reserve price

Answer 06/12/2015

The Reserve Price is that hidden price which the Seller sets as the minimum threshold at which he/she is willing to sell the vehicle in an auction. The Seller is only obligated to sell the vehicle once the bid amount meets or exceeds the Reserve Price.