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Question 02/27/2014

Can you cancel a bid

Answer 02/28/2014

If the bid is placed and confirmed, it can no longer be cancelled. But in special cases you may contact our support at auctions@repokar.com and we will review each case individually.

Question 11/07/2013

How many items can I post? Is there a limit?

Answer 11/07/2013

There is no limit. You are free to list as many items as you have.

Question 10/28/2013

If I clicked on BUY IT NOW, in this moment can anybody else also buy same car or not?

Answer 10/28/2013

The option BUY IT NOW works very simple: You click on the Button BUY IT NOW, the request goes to server and if you are the first person who clicked, it comes to you an Answer like: YOU BOUGHT IT SUCCESSFULLY !!! Now the item is blocked for another person, so another one can't "buy it now"

Question 10/28/2013

What is the difference between BUY IT NOW and AUCTION?

Answer 10/28/2013

If you want to sell your car immediately and for the final price, you choose the BUY IT NOW option. In case you appreciate your car more than it costs, and you want to have more money for it, you choose AUCTION option to begin the auction.

Question 10/28/2013

What do you do if you sold your first item but did not understand the bidding process? Can you get out of it?

Answer 10/28/2013

The bidding process is very simple....you insert the starting price and the reserve price, if the bidders will not achieve your reserve price, the car will be not sold. The item will be sold in case when the higher bid equals or is higher than your reserve price and if the item is sold you can't cancel the transaction!

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