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Question 04/15/2015

Can I buy a car if I do not have a drive license?

Answer 04/15/2015

You May purchase your car without a Driver's License, however, please check with your local authorities in order to find out if you will be able to drive it.

Question 04/10/2015

are there bidding fees

Answer 04/15/2015

There are absolutely no bidding fees at Repokar.com

Question 04/09/2015

Hello, I just won a vehicle " Chevrolet Avalanche" what do i have to do next? i am the first time bayer,thanks

Answer 04/15/2015

First of all, congratulations. Next, please check your email inbox. You should be receiving a confirmation letter/message stating that you have indeed won this specific auction. Follow the instructions explained in the communication in order to complete the cycle of purchase. You will receive also an invoice from the seller, which will explain the mode of payment for the vehicle which you have just won in he auction.

Question 04/09/2015

how much fee are your charging for the auction?

Answer 04/15/2015

We (RepoKar.com) do not charge any fees to be part of the auction(s). Anybody who is interested in purchasing a vehicle may register and bid on our auctions for free. Registration and Bidding with Repokar are absolutely free.

Question 04/07/2015


Answer 04/07/2015

If the item is marked “Suspended”, it could be effectuated by either the owner of the car or the administration for their reasons. (violation of Repokar's policy, detection of unaccounted defects, etc.)