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Question 02/13/2015

how to verify my account

Answer 02/15/2015

Verification of an account at repokar.com can be processed by phone, paperwork or Paypal email; you will be required to pay $1 which will be soon refunded. After you login please go to this link and verify your account http://repokar.com/verification.php

Question 11/25/2014

can i withdraw my bid

Answer 11/25/2014

If the bid is placed and confirmed, it can no longer be cancelled. But in special cases you may contact our support at auctions@repokar.com and we will review each case individually.

Question 10/24/2014

I am more comfortable not to use paypal instead bank cashier check in person

Answer 11/04/2014

We are glad to inform you that we have multiple payment options when trading cars. Choose the method you feel more comfortable with: Cashier's Check, By Money Order, Paypal Credit Card, Paypal. Repokar offers you the safest ways of transaction.

Question 08/20/2014

If I do not meet the reserve price, am I still charged if I have the highest bid?

Answer 08/20/2014

No, if the reserved price is not met you will not be charged and you will not be obligated to buy the car. In this case the car will be marked Unsold, but the seller can decide to sell the vehicle for the price of the last bid or send his own offer. In that case you can negotiate with the seller for the price that is convenient for both of you.

Question 07/14/2014

How do I set up a Pay Pal Account?

Answer 07/20/2014

Login to your account. Click on “My activities” located on the top left corner of the webpage. From there select the option “My PayPal”. Insert your Paypal email account and click “Save changes & Verify the email”. This will allow you to place bids, buy or sell cars.