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Question 04/06/2015

financing page

Answer 04/06/2015

Our Financing program is a Consumer Connection service designed to help our customers connect with companies that are interested in helping facilitate or provide financing for vehicles. When you fill out our Credit Application form, we will forward it to one or more of our affiliate partners who will contact you and try to assist you with financing. Our service is free to the consumers. If you want to apply for a financing please register and fill in the form.

Question 04/04/2015

my max bid

Answer 04/05/2015

Repokar does most of the work for you! When you place a bid, enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the car and Repokar will bid incrementally on your behalf, based on pre-set bid increments, but ONLY up to your maximum bid.

Question 04/02/2015

When it says: Seller arranges shipping, Do the pay for it ?

Answer 04/02/2015

On the car detail page in the "Shipping Method" section it is indicated that either the seller arranges the shipment or the buyer. If the seller chooses that he will arrange the transportation, he is not obligated to pay for the car delivery, but he can help the buyer to make arrangements with a transportation company. The shipping cost is calculated based on the destination and the U-Ship tool will help you to determine it. Shipping calculator can be found on the same page under the main Photo.

Question 03/27/2015

where is my check list

Answer 04/05/2015

You can find your " Check List" or "Watch List" cars very easily. Please, do the following: first of all you have to be logged in, then click on "Welcome John(your Name)" on the right upper part of the site, there you will find a drop-down menu; select "My account". First cars which appear are your last viewed items. Please look at the tabs: Last viewed/ Bidding Items/ Buying reminders. You can just click on the small images (previews) of the cars to be redirected to the item page.

Question 03/25/2015

how can i change my password?

Answer 03/25/2015

All the changes related to your profile information (name, phone,password, address, email, etc.) can be performed in the tab “Personal Information”. You can find it on the top left side of your account. Press “Edit my Profile” and submit the necessary changes.