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Ready For Fall: Buy A Car From RepoKar Online Auto Auction

Summer has officially come to an end. It won’t be long before the weather goes from post-summer comfort to a little brisker and icky. A good car will help traveling more comfortable and more fun. RepoKar can help you get the car.  At ...

  • Halloween cars - halloween is coming!
    29 Oct 2014

    Halloween is a great holiday to enjoy! You can celebrate it in your family circle, with your friends and you can take it to the whole ne lever and share it with the world.How? By decorating your car, of course!It is a great idea to show how much you live Halloween and how much you love your car as well. There are many different things you can do to your car to get you in the holiday spirit.Dress up your car this Halloween! Here are some tips you can use to decorate your car that you can drive around with and the scariest cars for you to get some inspiration from! 1. Skeleton in the passen...

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  • Does My Vintage Car Still Have a Value?
    28 Oct 2014

    Every car owner sooner or later faces the problem: what to do with the used up vehicle? A car is getting old and we start thinking about getting a new one. Then we realize we have no idea how to actually get rid of the vehicle. Could we sell it? Scrap it? Give it away?  Surely you would prefer to get some money out of it. That leads us to auction houses and brokers, auto auctions, classifieds and newspaper ads. You can try online auctions for yourself that are typically cheaper, auctions are much more reliable and can get your car to someone who really wants it and is willing to pay ...

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  • Diesels Are Blamed For Polluting  Air With Nitrogen Dioxide
    27 Oct 2014

    Who would have known that it's the diesel vehicles, which for decades have been proclaimed as friendly-environment cars, are the ones that actually pollute the atmosphere most of them all? Experts blame on diesel engine pollution thousands of early deaths' cases per year. Shocking, isn't it?  It has been asserted recently that the diesel vehicles are more polluting than gasoline vehicles and do not return better mileage as it was considered earlier. Europe and England, where they have the biggest number of this type of cars, are finally seeing their mistake. London and Pa...

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  • Driving Dogs!
    23 Oct 2014

    The dogs from a dog shelter in New Zealand have been taught how to drive a car! And this is awesome! Look at them – they drive pretty good, can even turn and park the auto and look, how bossy and confident they look! :)Watch the video!   

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  • Best 10 Wedding Cars
    20 Oct 2014

    Wedding is a very important event for any couple. And what will help to make it even more special is the use of the perfect wedding car! The ride to the wedding venue is a significant part of the day, usually seeing the bride accompanied by her father, an emotional yet glorious occasion. Weddings can be difficult with fathers having to say goodbye to their daughter and except that they are to leave the family home. After the ceremony the first moments spent together as husband and wife are in the wedding car, the first steps in a whole life of happiness.Wedding cars act as the environment in w...

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