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Get Your Car Ready for Winter!

When it comes to safe driving, you search for a car that corresponds to your every need. The car, first of all, has to be dynamic, spacious, and powerful. You’ll definitely find all these basic car needs here on Repokar. This cold winter season...

  • GPS Alert: Hilarious Fails
    11 Nov 2014

    Remember the times when the only way to travel the unfamiliar road was to consult the awkward paper maps or desperately try to pry out the necessary direction out of fellow drivers or gas station attendants? A good thing GPS navigators were invented, right? They seem to know every road and direction and lead you any distance to the point of your destination! But do they indeed?Let's check out a compilation of fascinating GPS fails! Here we go: Hands-free driving & GPSRobert Jones from Doncaster, UK can tell you about the advantages of hands-free driving like no one else. He seems ...

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  • Funny cars
    04 Nov 2014

    Are you absolutely sure what a car should look like?Look at these hilarious photos of cars, whose owners decided not to blend in with the crowd but stand out, so they modified their vehicles to look like this: - What was the color of the offender's car? - Errrr... A wonder-fish Aaaaargh! Always sunny inside Anyone hungry? Call for a hot-dog! Bad eyesight-car Beware the dragon! Care for a banana? Careful for the hog! DJ! Please don't stop the music! Dolphin? What are you doing here? Dragon Car Elegance in everything. Class...

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  • From Russia With Love. A Fearless Girl-Driver
    03 Nov 2014

    SHOCKING STUFF: A Jeep and badass Katja Karenina Fighting To REMAIN ALIVE in the MUD!Here's an episode of a ProX Rainforest Challange, a car battle program, where the cars and the crew are tested on the roads, difficult to pass through.The fearless driver is competing on a Toyota getting through the muddy river and we can only admire her ability to stay calm in such a situation, as we see that the car is getting full of muddy, ice-cold water. And Katja? Doesn’t even flinch!This is what happens when a person loves his job and is full of determination – no matter how hard and dir...

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  • The Most Expensive And Cheapest US Cities To Make A Car Purchase
    30 Oct 2014

    It is already clear for everyone that each buyer wants to make a cheap car purchase, hereby to have it in good condition. After buying a vehicle, they can realize that they could have gotten a better deal somewhere else. But where would that somewhere be?How about Tampa, Atlanta or Washington, D.C.? Those are the best markets in the country for car shopping. A few other cities, such as San Francisco, Dallas and Los Angeles might have done the trick, too.So, if you are about to own a car and save more money, it's worth to look for it beyond your local area. Online used car auction Repo...

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  • Halloween cars - halloween is coming!
    29 Oct 2014

    Halloween is a great holiday to enjoy! You can celebrate it in your family circle, with your friends and you can take it to the whole ne lever and share it with the world.How? By decorating your car, of course!It is a great idea to show how much you live Halloween and how much you love your car as well. There are many different things you can do to your car to get you in the holiday spirit.Dress up your car this Halloween! Here are some tips you can use to decorate your car that you can drive around with and the scariest cars for you to get some inspiration from! 1. Skeleton in the passen...

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